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woocommerce-logoYeah, well, normally these are long well-thought out posts about some cool new solution for something I’ve found. Today is a little different. It’s short sweet and to the point. Got an email from a customer that offers local pickup of her embroidered items. The site is setup to charge sales tax on all items based on county and all that. Sadly, it seems that the tax routines are only kicked if there is shipping involved. Due to current regulations, I would hope that the WooCommerce team would look at providing a rearrangement of functions to allow taxing of the items regardless of shipping method. Would require a couple calls most likely instead of one falling after the items have all been tallied. Yadda, yadda.

Anyway, the WooCommerce Local Sales Tax solution.

If you aren’t using the Local Delivery, simply do the same thing you did for local pickup – populate the zip codes for which this might apply. Set the Fee Type to “Fixed amount”. Add a “Delivery Fee” of “0” (zero). That forces the call to the tax module as there is a non-null value for shipping in place. Rename the Local Delivery to “Store Pickup” or whatever floats your boat. Disable the “Local Pickup” option. That should resolve your issue.

Now if you’re using the Local Delivery option already, you’re sort of on your own, but I suspect you could commandeer the “International Shipping” classification and have it do basically the same thing.

This is in no way a complete “Here’s how you do it”, but if you’ve been fighting with the little eccentricities of WooCommerce for more than an hour or two, you should be able to use this solution and fill in the blanks.