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So you need to update your WordPress websites… You’ve got a bunch of them and you want to do it quickly? Want to MANAGE your WordPress websites NOT the other way around?  Mine were definitely managing me…. InfiniteWP is a highly recommended way of going about it.  Though there is a new player on the market – Sick Network. See the update below – Sick’s WordPress management system is now called MainWP!  I will be checking that out in the very near future.

UPDATE 10/14/2013:  Finally, had a chance to get everything together for the MainWP review – check out the OFFICIAL Review MainWP WordPress Network Management !

I got an email from a buddy this morning and he was writing about WordPress updates and how critical they could be.  And having just gone through the nightmare that IS trying update over 100 WordPress sites – particularly when it needs doing QUICKLY like in the event of a major security hole being found in a plugin – I jotted off this note or at least that forms the basis of my review LOL.  I think I may have popped a post on one of my blogs at one point or some similar writeup about InfiniteWP, but this is important enough where it can NOT be chattered about enough…

Manage Your WordPress Sites – REALLY Manage Them

I was at the point where “managing” my WordPress sites was an all-day Sunday affair. Go to each website, login, look to see what was there, what needed updating, do general housekeeping on the WordPress install, blechh… No fun.  And a wasted day at least. And it was NOT something I could do quickly – like over my first cup of coffee on a random morning. NOW it is.


InfiniteWP WordPress Management

InfiniteWP WordPress Management

I also discovered that once you reach a certain point, trying to update your websites becomes virtually impossible via normal “Go to the site, click update plugins…” etc.  That came to a head when the security breach was found in SuperCache – and it was a biggie.  Required visiting each and every site to see IF I had that in there.  Enter InfiniteWP – don’t know how many sites you’ve got out there now, but when I realized I was going to MANUALLY have to go to over 100 sites… There HAD to be a better way….  It’s free for the basic though I think I grabbed a couple of addons – which were only like 50 bucks each…  I can actually go through ALL my sites in under 30 minutes and update everything – or search to see WHERE I might have used a particular plugin lickety split. Gets a little dicey for certain plugins though – like Bulletproof Security – which I used on a few sites during that major WordPress botnet attack a few months back and WP updates are a little ticky on slower servers.  Allows you to manage sites on ANY server out there. Does NOT have to be on a  particular server.  I’m managing sites on 4 of my own servers as well as WP sites on several client servers.

Highly recommended as you keep on adding sites.  I think the point where it really needs to be considered is when you get over 20 sites – which you should already be at I’m thinking LOL.  Allows you to go in and look at where you have used a particular plugin, see who the users are, blanket install (or update) a particular plugin – like WORDFENCE SECURITY – also another highly recommended plugin these days.

This can be installed in a subdirectory of your main website so it doesn’t require a new domain or hosting package, though I did do it that way for my install on a subdomain AND subdirectory to further distance wannabe hackers from my login screen…

InfiniteWP is a free solution for basic management.  You WILL need to visit each site you have out there ONE more time to manually install the plugin.  Once you get your management console installed on an Apache/ PHP/MySQL server somewhere, you will be able to install the management plugin directly from the WordPress repository. Just install it, add it in your management console which does require putting a couple codes in from your site install and you’re done.

Conclusion – InfiniteWP WordPress Site Management

EXCELLENT free WP Site management tool.  You can spend a LOT more on packages like WPManagement and some other similar packages, but you really can’t get ANY better than this free WordPress site management tool – period.  If you’re a small company like me, the last thing you need is ANOTHER monthly bill – and with InfiniteWP, you won’t have one, but you WILL have all the features you will need to keep your sites up to speed.

New Player in Town – SickNetwork

Doing this little writeup reminded me of another WordPress Site Management tool that I noticed a couple of months back – with even better features. It’s a bought and paid for management too, but I’m okay with that.  Before I was looking for quick and free. Now I have a little time to review things at my own leisure – and you’ll see a review here soon. It looks awesome – find out more at SickNetwork.com WordPress site management. At only $69 for a lifetime membership?? Can you really beat it? It’s in beta now so they are giving a $30 or so discount as of this writing – will go to $99’ish when it’s out of beta…

UPDATE Aug 29, 2013: SickNetwork is out of beta and now called MainWP

I’ve gone ahead and actually used both of them now. I will write up a more reasonable review of Sick Network / MainWP in the very near future. I really like both of them. Honestly, they both have a different way of doing things and I have some very positive things to say about both. I think it really depends on your management needs and styles. Look for a review on MainWP WordPress management soon!