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Yeah, for those technically challenged folks out there using ElegantThemes Trim theme – just working on a site for massage therapy company that is using this WordPress theme, here’s a quick code fix for you.

Not sure why they don’t already have this in there.
  Seems like it would be a no-brainer to have that in there.  After all who wants to read just a blurb with no link? Right around line 13 in the home.php page in your Trim theme folder, change it to add a permalink href…

I also added a CSS class in on mine so I could style it properly. Not difficult at all, but after I looked a bit for some switch to cut it on or off with (like I said, you’d SORTA think it would already be there AND ON), I decided 15 seconds of coding would be easier than any more searching LOL.

But for the PHP-challenged out there, it may NOT be so evident. Enjoy.