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Local Raleigh Web Design

Local Raleigh Web Design by Lizardwebs

Things to think about and/or do if you’re planning a local website or even a national website

  1. Check your competitor’s websites. Get some ideas.
  2. Gather together any content or images that you want on the site.
  3. Do you have some specific colors in mind for your site?
  4. Who will normally be visiting this site? Will it be external customers or more for internal usage?
  5. What’s memorable about your company? What sticks out from the rest of the crowd?
  6. Who will maintain updates to the website?
  7. Doing the whole website at once? Or a phased approach?
  8. Do you have in-house talent that can assist in some of the website maintenance? Content creation? Graphics?
  9. Do you have existing graphics? Usually it is best to get the ORIGINAL file from the designer in either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator format.
  10. If you have existing content, is it available in some text digital format? It’s much easier to take existing text and put it in your website – and cheaper too!
  11. Do you want the site to have any “dynamic” capabilities? Change the front images every day or week? Want your site updated with new items daily?
  12. Will some of your content ONLY be available to certain people? That is to say, will you need security enabled on your site?
  13. Will your site handle e-commerce or just descriptions / images and have clients contact you?

These kinds of issues will need answering as you move towards your own local website. The more time that is spent planning, the less that will be spent in going back and making changes later!

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