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Having been in the web biz since the late 90’s and the creator of a lot of hand-built sites, I *really* appreciate the joy that is WordPress. Even more, I love being able to start off with all those functions I would end up hand-building and modifying (forever) as bugs were found, browsers changed, etc.  Having all that at your fingertips is indeed a joy. Some of the functionality that I can now whip into a website would take me days if not weeks to build – and would likely require tweaking every time I used it – if these were the “bad ol’ days”.

Thankfully they’re not.

Premium Themes Change the Playing Field

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes

With kick*ss premium themes from ElegantThemes, WooThemes, WPMU-DEV, StudioPress and more, creating a website now allows one to focus on the design and content aspects of a website instead of getting knee-deep in PHP (or ASP – my long-time language of choice) for days at a time. Hats off to the premium theme developers!  Ditto to all the plugin developers that make those spiffy chunks of code that make my day that much easier.

Which brings me to my actual rant of the moment.

StudioPress Genesis Framework Logos

Hey. Guys. Love the functionality of your themes. The framework – comprehensive if a little bit unwieldy at times due to the complex nature and interactions, but… There is one glaring issue that one would REALLY expect to see in a development framework that costs this kind of money.  Simple easy logos.

Sure, there’s a workaround where one can change the whole header and slap the logo in that 960 pixel wide goodness, but that doesn’t really allow for all the other things like nice easy rollover effects on a div.  And yes, I’ve seen the funky little Simple Logo plugin that is anything but – it creates more problems than it solves.

For one of my dev buddy projects, I was asked to do a few things. One of them was pop in a logo at the top left.  After examining child theme, parent theme, functions files, and so much more. I opted to use the Genesis hooks to push it in there which was not nearly as clean as I would like. It was not really in the div that I would have liked, but I also didn’t want to go through hunting and pecking and pulling from parent and child, selectively chopping chunks of code out, gathering it together, disabling / skipping code in various places.  I lived with the hooks and fought with CSS to get the logo where I wanted it.  Still not as clean as I would like, but it worked.  Time for this little shindig? Over an hour by itself.

ElegantThemes has got it right

ElegantThemes offers a little box – upload your logo image. Save. Done.  Even tries to automatically pick the right size.  Of course, I normally override that, but still, it puts it in there and even tries to help me out.

StudioPress Genesis – Something for the future?

Does it not seem like this particular request absolutely litters the Help / Forum on your website? Might this be a good thing to look at in the near future?  Not complaining per se.. Just sayin’.