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Raleigh-Plumbing.co for Knighdale Plumbing – March 2011

Raleigh-Plumbing.co - Raleigh Web Design

Raleigh-Plumbing.co - Raleigh Web Design

Patty and John Mills contacted me a couple of years ago about their website after some prompting by Melanie Paul at Guidestar Accounting. They didn’t feel that it was kicking them enough business. As well, they’d gotten rather roped into a year long contract with a company that promised to get them front page listings.

I really don’t know what Patty told the people what she wanted Knightdale Plumbing to be found for on the front page of Google, so it may have come from Patty herself. But the company chose to do “tankless water heaters” as their target phrase. While there likely was a nice profit margin on tankless water heaters, they would likely have been preferred to be on the front page for Raleigh plumbing repair or Raleigh home plumbing or something along those lines. Obviously more people are searching for plumbing repair than tankless water heaters. And business is what drives a company.

We chose something a little livelier – and tougher to get – Raleigh Plumbing Repair and derivatives of home plumbing repair.  We’re ranking on the front page of Google for a NUMBER of higher volume search terms as of this post. And even better, they’ve paid for their website and it will always remain theirs.  The companies that promise to get you on front page and then do a 301 redirect to their site only give you that service while you’re paying for it. Once the contract ends, the content that they’ve created for you reverts to them and you’re left with nothing.  Sadly most people really don’t understand that part of it. If a few hundred a month in advertising is worth it to you, then it’s not necessarily a bad way to go, but you need to understand that the benefit ends when the contract ends.

In our case, the Raleigh website was created a couple of years ago, and then we waited to put it up under raleigh-plumbing.co after the contract with the SEO company ended. They are now on the front page of several Google searches with no monthly recurring cost. And I think we did  their site for less than the annual cost of the monthly SEO people.  John and Patty could walk away today and they would STILL have all the work that got them on the front page.