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MedicalRecruitingOnline.com – 4/2/2010

medicalrecruitingonline - Raleigh Web Design

medicalrecruitingonline - Raleigh Web Design

MedicalRecruitingOnline.com is a Raleigh website that had been discussed, but not anticipated, when the call came in at 3:30 pm on a Thursday – “We’re ready!” By 11 am Friday, we had everything setup including selecting a domain name, the domain registered, email setup, and of course, the website itself.

This website is entering against a number of stiff competitors, so finding out exactly what phrases will be used to find this site is imperative. As with all of our websites, knowing the competition and how people will be finding this site, relies on analysis of the keywords and phrases that should be used in this website. Creating a competitive and high ranking website relies on continual tweaking of the website content to specifically match up current search trends with the keywords used in the website. We think we’ll fare pretty well as we move along with this website.

While this website is only the tip of a much larger database backend project, it shows how Lizardwebs can provide immediate web results when called! The site is based on our Fast Action website template, but will end up with many more modifications to the structure to accomodate their needs.