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New WordPress Website for Lizardwebs

And we’ve got to say, our WordPress website has been a savior for us. After the last year or so encouraging our customers to allow us to create their websites in WordPress, we have moved Lizardwebs main website over to WordPress.

We really liked the last hand-coded computer repair website – flashy, snappy and all that. A lot of content. But truthfully, our Raleigh computer repair website was a pain to update. Change the Raleigh website content locally, put it on a testing webserver, then a staging webserver and then finally up to the production webserver. It was a hand-coded beauty in our opinion. But a lot of work.

The name of the game for any business website  is the ability to react as needed. When we see a trend, we need to be able to quickly modify our website, add computer specials, add content, put up a quick bit of info, and more. Often our own website maintenance would get pushed to the back of the line just because it took a lot of extra time.  Our business and our website suffered due to it’s own weight. No more.

We started off with creating a separate WordPress website for our Lizardwebs Blog, which did work pretty well – and got us frequently mentioned a couple of times for various Google searches. And getting a couple of pages on the front page of Google search results is ALWAYS a good thing. We loved the many benefits of WordPress, but  the “evergreen content” that really doesn’t change still lived on our main Raleigh website – and was often left waiting.

Our Raleigh WordPress website

Lizardwebs Raleigh WordPress website

Lizardwebs Raleigh WordPress website

Easy content changes, quick web blog and posting ability, extraordinary functionality, simple to use are just a few of the benefits of a WordPress website. Search engine optimization is a snap (with the right plugins and some know-how).  Make some content or page name changes for SEO or any other reason? Not a problem – your WordPress website will keep track of ALL of it for you.

WordPress Website Benefits

  • WordPress websites allow easy web content changes from almost any internet connected computer – easy even for novices to use
  • Awesome functionality through use of often free WordPress plugins. We have to admit that we do use paid WordPress plugins on many of our sites, but there’s a lot of great free stuff out there!
  • Easy changes to the whole look and feel of a WordPress website. Hand-coded sites require large amounts of time to modify. WordPress website themes can be changed in seconds. Of course to get a truly one off look, it DOES require some time, but nowhere NEAR the time to modify a hand-coded website.
  • Constantly reviewed and updated code. Hand coded sites can have glitches that a solo developer can miss. As open source software, WordPress is reviewed by thousands of web developers and modified when weaknesses are found.
  • WordPress websites run easily on the ever-popular LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) platform – all free and open source software. No heavy IIS / Windows hosting costs.
  • WordPress is well-documented due to being open source. If you run into a problem, it’s highly likely someone ELSE will have also run into the same problem. A quick Google search usually turns up the solution to your WordPress problem.
  • I really think we could go on forever… but I won’t.

I can tell you that after moving numerous Raleigh website clients to a WordPress website, we have seen the benefits first hand and have been chomping at the bit to get our own website into WordPress. And we finally bit the bullet and moved/optimized our Raleigh website content. And we’re very happy with the results.

Our WordPress website is going to need more tweaking we know
, but first big step was to get existing content over. Next we’ll worry about modifying our logical structures for the best possible customer experience. We’ll keep you updated.

In the market for a Raleigh WordPress website? Ask a company that uses it for it’s own site to create it. We know Raleigh WordPress websites.

What do you think?