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UPDATE: 2/11/2012 – Just noticed this web page coming up for us – NOT necessarily the most informational page for our Web Design Smithfield NC anymore – check out this page http://ccalandscape.com/ for something pretty or our actual Smithfield Web Design page for general Web Design information.  Besides, we’ve moved to more of a Worpdress oriented development style now. Sick of having to call the webmaster to get a few quick updates in place? And costing up to a hundred bucks? Call us and see how working with a local hometown web design company really should be!

K9 Clips – 2/5/2010

K9Clips.net - Web Design Smithfield NC

K9Clips.net – Web Design Smithfield NC

K9 Clips is an pet grooming salon located in Smithfield,NC as well as mobile. This was the first of the Fast Action Site template based web sites! Liselle Clowers, the owner, is a member of MUBA and the first to try out the Lizardwebs Fast Action template site – Thanks Liselle!

*UPDATE 4/1/2010:
K9Clips.net hit Google at #2 for all the designated search terms – actually #1 for the target market of Smithfield,NC, but there’s this one little site in ANOTHER Smithfield that does actually get the #1. Almost any search with “grooming smithfield” will bring up Liselle’s site on the first page! She is indeed above all of her competitors in this market for about a dozen terms! We told her to get her phone charged up – the calls should be coming any time now.