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FarleysAccounting.com – 3/30/2010

FarleysAccounting - Raleigh web design

FarleysAccounting - Raleigh web design

FarleysAccounting.com is a new Fast Action Raleigh web site for Rose Farley of Farley’s Accounting and Tax Service in the Zebulon/Rolesville area outside of Raleigh,NC.

Based on a Fast Action website templates, we expect this site to do pretty well in the rankings once we get it tweaked a bit. As with any website, the more content, the better – particular text. We had a number of key search terms in there, but the client spoke to tech Billy and asked him to remove them. As soon as I noticed it, I knew there was going to be an issue with the website performance.

With all websites, Lizardwebs does analysis of competitive web sites to determine what it’s going to take to get any of our websites up in the rankings and meet our client’s needs and expectations. Keywords are CAREFULLY chosen and inserted as needed to get the desired results BASED ON STATISTICAL ANALYSIS – not whim or words we pulled out of the air – or even worse, didn’t bother to put in. While the client didn’t necessarily want those words in there, in order to meet her business goals, she decided that she could live with it. In hindsight, I believe it was more of an aesthetic issue for her and not an objection on the actual words themselves. We moved them to a prettier spot. She was happy. 🙂