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DaylightDonutsRaleigh.com – 5/21/2010

Daylight Donuts Raleigh - Raleigh website

Daylight Donuts Raleigh – Raleigh website

SEO and makeover type redo of existing site for Daylight Donuts on Creedmoor Road in Raleigh

A fine young lady did this site originally, but as students often do, she graduated and moved on away. The site needed some updating and they also wanted to boost their search engine placement. George Karakostantis contacted LW about doing some mods to it, and we added a WHOLE LOTTA SEO to it, contact page, title tags, meta tags – just a whole slew of things. They were already doing far better than I would have expected for the content they had on there, but I would bank on this one being #1 in Raleigh for donuts on the search engine within a month.

OMG – If you like Bavarian Cream donuts, THIS is the place to go!