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What IS web hosting and why do I need it?

Raleigh Web Design

Raleigh Web Design by Lizardwebs

A lot of people ask this question when we talk to them about websites. The easiest way to look at it is that it’s like gas to a car. You can have the fanciest, biggest car at your disposal, but unless you’ve got gas to put in it, you’re not going anywhere. You can have the fanciest, biggest, and best website around, but unless people can get those files from your web hosting server, IT’S not going anywhere.

When you have a site ready to be presented to the Internet at large, the files must reside somewhere out on the internet for visitors to find them – and that is what a web server does. This includes all the images, text, PDF attachments, databases if used and more. For most companies, running a full blown web server to handle these webpages and “serve” them is far too large and expensive a project. One introduces the threat of hacking, computer security risks, constant maintenance of the equipment, operating system patches, network and bandwidth capacity, setting up the web server and email servers, and the like. It’s a pretty daunting task – but nonetheless, to show your site to the world, the pages have to be housed somewhere. And that’s where Lizardwebs web hosting comes in.

What is included with Web Hosting Service?

We encourage you to go through all of our included services – MOST companies have additional charges for SSL, for backups, for this and that. By the time you’re done paying for all the extras, your service will end up actually being MORE expensive than our pricing.

Annual Webhosting: $140/yr
Monthly Maintenance: $20/mo (@12 months)
Annual Total: $380

Email Hosting

Want even MORE out of your email hosting?

Premium Business Email Hosting – $3/mo/user

Excellent business class email hosting

Premium Plus Email – $5/mo/user

All the benefits and features of our Plus Email Hosting PLUS

  • Mobile sync of contacts and calendars
  • 30GB Cloud Drive for storing and sharing documents
  • Online editing of documents and spreadsheets

Hosted Microsoft Exchange – $12/mo/user

The ultimate in email hosting!

Lizardwebs provides webhost services for almost any need. We provide hybrid hosting services for both Apache and IIS applications that will run standard HTML, PHP, .NET, Classic ASP, as well as PERL scripts. Raleigh Webhosting is provided on a yearly basis and includes the web server setup, email setup and ftp if desired AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. Most people don’t want to worry too much about the little details, so the only thing you really are going to need to know is how to put up your files to your new Raleigh webhosting server, get to your site via a web browser and/or collect your email.

Lizardwebs provides Raleigh WordPress web hosting. Most of our websites are WordPress these days, so we’ve become pretty efficient with WordPress hosting. We can also provide webserver solutions for other Content Mangement System (CMS) setups including Joomla, DotNetNuke and others.

Domain names

Included in our hosting is your domain name registration.If you already have a domain name, great, we can just move it to our hosting servers. If you don’t though, Lizardwebs will handle all the details of getting your domain name registered and setup to work with your new web server. It is important to pick a good domain name. Keep it short, keep it to the point and make it easy to type. Lizardwebs can assist you in selecting the right domain name.

Services Included


  • Basic web server hosting – $140/annual
  • Email Server and Setup – 1 simple email address is free. More than 1 account – $3/mo/per
  • FTP Access to your site
  • Web site statistics

Optional (may cost extra)

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Database connections (mySQL,Access,SQL Server)
  • SSL Certificates
  • Shopping Cart
  • Password protected directories