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I swear to God, finding the right params to actually make a YouTube video start automatically and then loop is like pulling teeth.  Yes, YouTube indicates that you can just click some little boxes, copy the embed code and it will work. It doesn’t.

Looping One Video from YouTube

What you need to do is to set the whole thing to act like it is a playlist (even if it IS just one video). You tell it to start with video xyz and then go to the playlist which is the SAME ID.

This is a video from client PMI Ash to show a non-stop looping video of their specialized PMI Ash Feeder technology that I *thought* worked properly (because YouTube TOLD me it would) and the client then pointed out that it was NOT looping.  I should have spent the 26 seconds to actually watch the video and see if it DID loop.

Here’s the NO BS YouTube embed code with Autoplay and Autoloop and see it in action below!
Now if it does NOT play properly in your browser, then you know the embed code has changed – no trying multiple “How To” videos and blah, blah blah only to find it doesn’t work. If it plays, copy the code and insert your own YouTube video ID and proper size and off you go.

The Golden YouTube Embed Code

<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/1J7ZuXmqRkM?version=3&loop=1&playlist=1J7ZuXmqRkM&autoplay=1&rel=0&showinfo=0" height="315" width="560" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0">