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What can I do to get more traffic to my website? How can I improve my SEO? What IS search engine optimization? How can I get higher up in the Google rankings? How can I get my site to show up at the top of Google? How can I improve my website? Is my website good? WHY DOES MY SITE SUCK??? We get asked these questions – and untold variations – pretty much daily.

There’s more to good and sustainable search engine optimization and results than a quick $99/month spam backlink campaign. IF you answer on one of these spam SEO come-ons, that is likely what you’re going to get. If you want the BEST SEO results, to learn more about working with search engines. and how Lizardwebs can help YOU get better site rankings, read on!

How does YOUR site stack up? Find out fast!


kid-candy-store-lizardwebsA few reasons ARE possible, but most likely, it’s the big one when it comes right down to it – to make money. Sure there are vanity websites, and websites for a cause and all that, but for most businesses, the reason for a website is to expose new customers to your products and services. Even helping old customers get to your products or services more easily is a worthy reason. Either way, higher rankings results in more website traffic. More websites traffic should almost ALWAYS result in more business, and thus, more profit.

Some sites look good. Some sites rank well. Some sites convert well. The BEST sites will find the magic spot where they all come together. See how close you are on YOUR site over a AHrefs.com. Lizardwebs is able to help you with everything from web designs, fast hosting, social media, reputation management, press releases, email campaigns and so much more, but let us tell you how our search engine optimization services can make your site REALLY shine.


Want to see YOUR company up in the maps area at the top of search pages? Lizardwebs can help make it happen! The map listings attached to your Google My Business listing operate on an entirely different set of rules than your organic search placements do. A couple different angles are needed to get your site showing in both places.


We don’t care how you slice it, The Raleigh Triangle area is a big and competitive place. It’s not New York City, but there are a lot of small and mid-size businesses out there that are competing every day for the spots on Google, Yahoo and Bing that YOU want YOUR site to be in. Take a look at the Raleigh Chamber and get a REAL quick idea of how many competitors you have! How do you get on top of all of them? Your website must earn it – or hire someone (like us) to get your site there for you. There is the DIY angle. If you’re interested in that direction, you might find some things in the Technical Strategies area that might be of help to you. However, if you have a full-time job just running your OWN business, learning the ins and outs of OUR business (without shooting yourself in the foot) might not be the best option.


If you’re looking to get your site found on Google and other search engines, your website must have a few key elements. Keep in mind that this is ALL relative. Some niches and keywords are much harder than others. Some areas and niches have a LOT of professional attention, while others can be much easier to get ranked. Your site, in most cases, does NOT need to be perfect – it just has to be better than others in the keyword niche. The elements that you need in place?

Onsite Optimization Elements

PR 057- SI - 06_11_12 ROW-166These are things that can be modified on your site. This is normally referred to as onsite optimization. These types of page items are proper titles and meta tags, good keywords (What’s a keyword?), good content in most cases, good URL structure, page design elements like images and videos. There are a number of things to keep in mind when working with your on-page elements. As above, not everything has to be maxed out, but the more that is right on your page, the less you have to worry about when optimizing OFFSITE.

Offsite Optimization Elements

These are items that are not directly on your website. Offsite optimization is a little trickier because these are elements not directly under your control. These elements will be pointing TO your site from other sites. This will normally be things like links to your site, social media accounts (aka Web 2.0 sites) that link to your site, directory listings/citation sources identifying your company. Primarily it comes down to incoming links to your site. The bigger and stronger the site that link is coming from, the better!


From keyword research, backlinking, utilizing social media, and more, finding a good, reliable, knowledgeable internet marketing company will understand just how to proceed to get your web site showing right up in the search results. The key is hiring the BEST Raleigh SEO services you can GET to have all these factors wrangled in line and boost you up the pile.


how can i improve my website?You’re there. You’re ranking. You’re done. WRONG. You honestly believe the company that was IN position 1 before you got there, or that you knocked off the page is going to be happy with that? Or that all those other websites are NOT doing anything to help THEIR rankings? Not. The internet Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs) are ever changing – as are even the ranking algorithms. Even day to day, we see our rankings bounce a few positions either way. What worked well JUST a few months ago, can often now be completely out of favor with Google. The site that rocked to the top of the charts in a couple of months and stayed there without fail for you may suddenly NOT be so appealing to Google anymore. And then what do you do?


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