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I was just checking out a quick query/search on Google for one of my target markets and search phrases and we’re #1. Well, that’s the good news. But there’s more news – and I’m not sure if it’s good or bad. But it’s news.

So, I’m a web designer/web developer and I know SEO. You know, that pretty much puts to bed what I was about to point out. I’ll continue on anyway though. It just goes to show you that there are a number of skill levels and skill sets out there. So I’m looking at page 1 and the normal collection of Manta, AngiesList, etc – basically directories pointing to directories of web site builders/developers – thanks Google – as always, I go to a search engine to find a COMPANY, NOT another list of lists… But Lizardwebs is coming up first, so I can gripe only SO much.

Get through page 1 and on the top of page 2, what do I find? A web design company ranked on the top of page 2 on a Facebook page. Seriously? You’re a web design company, thus it DOESN’T cost you anything to DO your own site except some time.. and you can’t outrank your own FACEBOOK page? Looked back to page 1 to verify, and, nope – not a single listing for the company.

What does this mean for someone that wants a website? It supports my long held notion that web designers make pretty pictures, web developers make it work and SEO people get it found. Now, when you have the trifecta – a company that can make pretty pictures, make it work AND get it FOUND? You need to call THEM when you’re ready for your next website. That would be us.

Lizardwebs Web Design/Development/SEO – when you need YOUR website to look good, work, AND get found.