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Lizardwebs has a number of ongoing clients that we perform SEO work for – both on-page SEO and off-page SEO. While we don’t want to make work for ourselves and let on to exactly who they are (unless someone wants a reference), we do have a few “one-off” SEO projects that we have done that we don’t mind sharing here.

The Full SEO Treatment

Sample SEO results Raleigh Cary

Sample SEO results Raleigh Cary

As we’ve described elsewhere, the on-page SEO really gives Google et al something to get their teeth into. There is a lot of work to get a site on-page SEO ready to handle the focus from off-page SEO. The off-page brings focus and links to the content increasing the focus. Like a restaurant – first you have to have something worth serving – THEN you start letting people know about it. If you are serving garbage to begin with, bringing attention to it will likely do more harm to you than good. While the SEO world isn’t quite so harsh as any focus on your website IS good, the site tastes a whole lot better to Google with good on-page SEO when you treat it right! Side note: Lizardwebs SEO does NOT take on off-page SEO projects that are under 3 months under any circumstances.

We are always glad to do your on-page SEO work on an hourly basis with the average site taking between 5-10 hours to fully bring up to strength. That’s for the average site. If you have the mondo-site with dozens/hundreds of pages, it obviously can take a bit longer – that’s why we’re hourly 🙂

That all said, here is one example of what on-page SEO and off-page SEO do. We received a call from one of our long-term customers about a friend that needed some help on their website – getting it found. As a bit of a personal favor, we spoke with the potential client and discussed what we could do. After looking over the site, we determined that while it WAS a website, there was absolutely nothing optimized in the site for anything. This is the situation that we run into frequently when “web designers” are left to run amok. Pretty pictures, but no substance or search engine friendliness. There were and are still bugs left in the design left to be found I expect, but we did what we could without completely rewriting the theme – we figured her designer had already been paid to do that theme and it was a bit above and beyond. She was on a shoestring it seemed, so I believe it was actually beyond her to “do it right.”

Anyway, after about 12 hours worth of work, fielding numerous calls and emails about why her site didn’t do this or that (which should have been questions for her webmaster – again, we didn’t create the monstrosity – but we did do as much as we could to mitigate the issues), we got her moving! In the RIGHT direction. We include the PDF of local Raleigh SEO (and Cary NC as well) results for only a two month campaign and the 12 hours mentioned above on on-site SEO and performance.

Focus on the Keywords

And actually HAVE keywords. You need to know what you want to be found for BEFORE starting ANY kind of SEO campaign. The focus was actually “chalk paint” and “faux finish” – we normally include derivatives of the keywords in long-tail format when we do the optimizing. Brief description of LSI – latent semantic indexing – would probably be good here, but we’ll let the fine folks at Wikipedia enlighten you on Latent Semantic Indexing.

From 7 TOTAL to 194 Google results

The PDF and screenshot that follow show that the site was being recognized for about nothing to begin with. The only way you honestly were going to run across this company was to search for it by name. After we were done, it was all over the place for many, many terms. I believe after the on-page SEO kicked in, we went from 6 or so front-page SERPs to 94. And the final rankings check indicate around 137 top 10 front page SERP (search engine results page) entries. A total of 185 are in the top 20 with another 9 that would show by the end of the second SERP. Some pages show more than 10 entries if there are local Google results showing as well. Proof is in the pudding.

Sample SEO Results – Want Raleigh SEO results? Call Lizardwebs.