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What is On-page SEO?

Raleigh Web Developer -Create a good website SEO plan

Raleigh Web Developer -Create a good website SEO plan

On-page SEO (on-page search engine optimization) is one part of website optimization.  Some of the things involved in on-page Raleigh search engine optimization are:

  • Good domain name – does your domain name contain important words to your business?
  • Proper keyword selection – what words are important to you and your company?
  • Proper usage of META tags – behind the scenes tags that can make or break your positioning on the search engines.
  • Good content – is your content fresh and actually have something useful for the web visitor?
  • Easily understood content – Does your content explain what your company does or offers in words that are understood by the target visitor?
  • Visually appealing web content with paragraphs, proper breaks, good usage of images.
  • Properly tagged items/images with ALT tags using proper keywords
  • Good keyword density (using the target keywords and phrases in your content enough to get the search engine attention)
  • Using keywords in heading tags and in bold where appropriate
  • Internal page linking strategy
  • Good page naming practices

Start with a good website SEO plan

The best website starts off knowing what keywords and key phrases will be used and targeted, what the target market is – be it Raleigh or some other city/town, and what kind of visitors will be the ones actually buying your product or service. When Lizardwebs does a website, we keep a strong eye on Raleigh search engine optimization. we spend time learning what your company offers. We spend time running the numbers for how many people are searching for your services and exactly what terms are being used to find companies or services like yours.

When we build a Raleigh website, we use that information to start you off with a website that is already focused on your target market.  We can’t guarantee any particular placement, but we often can hit front page Google SERP positions right off the bat for the target keyword phrases and market.  In highly competitive markets/services, we can spend more time after launch to get our clients to the front page, but we know we have all of our keywords already in place so usually just a little more tweaking is required.