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Get ready for major Google changes afoot…

Been sprucing up your site to show a bunch of ads – and not leaving much room for your content? Google is about to bite back. Your content needs to be visible above the fold it sounds like from this article over at WebsiteMagazine

Google’s new page layout algorithm update may force many Web workers to reconsider from where exactly they will receive their next check. The change essentially analyzes the layout of a webpage and the amount of content immediately visible to a user. If you’ve been relying on ad revenue from placements that make it harder for users to find content, then you had better pay attention.  The algorithm modification was made to improve the user experience, according to Google. Websites that do not have much content above the fold (what a user sees immediately upon arriving on a site without scrolling) will be affected by the change. According to the official post on the Webmaster Central blog:

See the full article at WebsiteMagazine or follow the link in the snippet to the Webmaster Central source.

However you slice it or dice it, I applaud this change – until it affects ME of course… We try to deliver high quality content (yes, some of it COULD BE better, but for the most part, it’s pretty good) and it is really annoying to see some sites so loaded down with ads and garbage that you can’t even find the content. Ha. It’s even more annoying when they outrank me with their ad-laden interfacing LOL.

Happy webbing!