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Onsite SEO

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Every SEO company out there gets asked, “How do you do it?” There are a few things that are going to be common among all SEO companies including us, of course… Getting your site “right” is the first thing that we do when we work on a website in most circumstances. You can’t build a house without a good foundation. And great onsite search engine optimization is the foundation for your online business empire!

Onsite Search Engine Optimization

happy-woman-using-computerRight off the bat, the low-hanging fruit is going to include optimizing your website to enable it to give the BEST results in the search engine results pages (SERPs) before anything else. If you’re not particularly curious, then this sentence is probably all you need to see: We do onsite search engine optimization to get your site in proper shape to get all the Google love that it can!

If you need more information or convincing, keep on reading. Onsite optimizing include several angles.


First and foremost, making sure that your site actually includes the words / keywords that you want to be found FOR. Yes. It happens. We get sites to look at that just can’t figure out why they’re not being found – and look at their site and they glaringly omit actually PUTTING the keywords anywhere on their page. Believe it or not. Or using industry vernacular which means nothing to the average Joe out there looking for it in a search engine.

Titles and Tags


What the heck IS the title tag you SEO people always talk about??? Have you ever looked to the top of your browser whatever flavor you choose to see what it says? In the tabs or at the top of the actual browser application window? Here’s a quick pointer if you have absolutely NO clue what I’m talking about.

This is an important thing to keep an eye on. Do you use a CMS such as WordPress? If so, this is probably already taken care of for you to some degree, but not usually to the level that you want for SEO purposes. We LOVE WordPress for our Raleigh SEO work.

Site Content

The HTML title tag for seo purposesYou really don’t need to be a genius to write some decent website copy. It doesn’t need to be an agonized-over, checked and rechecked Shakespeare piece that takes hours and hours. It really doesn’t. It just needs to be something unique and, ideally, relevant. If we discover that you want to rank for let’s say, plumbing, and you insist on filling up your website with the latest achievements of your daughter at school, we have a problem. Or if you have your website chock full of, dare we say it, crap about everything but what your site is SUPPOSED to be about, we have a problem. The only thing that can make that even worse is to tell your SEO person that the content must stay AS it is because YOU like it. Yes, like above, we have seen this happen. We do not work on sites with those kinds of restrictions.

SEO Site Structures That Work

Sometimes we find sites all sorts of twisted around. Where they could be benefiting from a good logical parent/child relationship in their page structure, they sometimes are scattered and don’t really help the other pages. What?? If you have a page about cars then the engine page should be UNDER the car page. And the piston page should go under the ENGINE page. It’s a part of a bigger piece. Pure and simple. Most of search engine optimization really just makes good logical sense. Group a whole lot of little ideas/pages into bigger groups.

Those are the big things. There are a lot of specifics like keyword densities, keyword positions, heading tags and blah blah blah. We know about it. We do it. We make it happen for your onsite web optimization.

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