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We love YouTube.  Period.  We can rank YouTube videos all day long.  Even better, for the most part, Google has great trust in them. And we LOVE those crazy cats.  Not for SEO of course, just sayin’.

What Makes YouTube Videos Great?

YouTube Videos are great for Raleigh SEO

YouTube Videos should be part of your SEO plan!

So MUCH Information

It’s an online advertisement for your business! Where else can you get a 30 second or more advertisement for YOUR company for free??? There’s a lot more you can use YouTube for – testimonials, reviews of your products or services, or even just a “Meet the Owner” type video. So much of the web today is about connecting with your audience or target clients that a video introducing yourself is just a win/win.

Google Trusts Them

First off, this is sort of a plus and a minus, they are owned by Google.  On the plus side, Google loves to show it’s own stuff any chance it gets. It loves when you link to it. It loves when you share it. On the minus side, you never know when Google might change the rules on all of this. They just recently started removing duplicate videos – which actually is a good thing in our book. A lot of people have been complaining about getting videos removed though.

Anyone Can Make a Video

Second, these videos don’t need to be major cinematic masterpieces – meaning simply that ANYONE can do them. From a quick selfie video about whatever you choose to chatter about (your services maybe??) to a screen cap video or a quick video that you cobbled up over on Animoto in 20 minutes.

If you have a camera capable of video – most digital cameras these days are – and a tripod, you can easily make testimonial videos, product demonstration videos, or even flat out sales commercial type videos without much muss or fuss. You don’t need to be a video editing expert to get these pieces of ranking goodness up there. It helps when it comes to doing fancier things and really making a production out of it, but expert level knowledge of video – not required.

YouTube Videos Rank Well

Besides being able to rank well on their own, they rank quickly. We’ve put up videos and ranked them for keywords in as little as 6 minutes on a front page. That was for a low competition long-tailed keyword, but nonetheless, it was on the front page of the Google search engine results page (SERPs) in 6 minutes. For more competitive keywords, a few links back to that video can be enough to get a company on the front page SERPs for a lot of keywords. Does it really matter to you if you’re on the front page with your website or a YouTube video?  Usually not – if you’re on the front page, that’s a win in OUR book.

They’re Awesome for Your Website

Google takes into account things like time on site and how long your visitors stay on each page. The longer that visitors are on your page, the better in Google’s eyes. With even a 30 second video that is compelling enough for YOUR visitors to want to watch, your time on site numbers will DEFINITELY increase.  Customer engagement is playing a larger and larger part as time passes when it comes to Google and rankings.

Great Backlinks

YouTube videos give a great opportunity to get some great backlinks to websites, business facebook pages, wherever you want to send it. There are areas to include all types of information about every video including targeted keywords and more.

Excellent Streaming

It’s the perfect place to use as your video repository for your business videos*. It’s extraordinarily convenient to be able to pop a video up on Youtube and then turn around and use that to embed in your website. The YouTube network is setup to DO streaming. Compared to uploading these usually large pieces of media to your server, sucking up lots of storage space, and potentially having streaming lag, YouTube is a preferred place to keep your videos.

What’s this mean to you?

YouTube should very likely be a part of your SEO efforts. If you’re working with us on SEO campaigns, it likely will be. From putting a channel up for your videos to actually creating a few videos for you, YouTube will be part of our campaign for YOU. If you’re trying out a DIY approach, look to YouTube for some great results.

*As long as you don’t try to spam out on your videos and post the same video over and over. Currently, Google has taken to deleting duplicate videos. If you have used the same video several times in an effort to garner more backlinks or rankings, you might want to reconsider it. Google WILL delete it most likely at some point – and there’s no telling which one it may delete. Or if it will delete all of them and leave you high and dry.