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Do you need PPC advertising?

Maybe you do and maybe you don’t.  People are becoming more and more familiar with Pay per click all the time.  Google pushes it (obviously) and a lot of companies want to run your PPC campaign.  We personally are not huge fans of PPC as a total solution AT ALL and we’ll share why.  The biggest reason is that your “rankings” last only as long as your bank account.  There is NO residual effect on your website from PPC ads.

Organic SEO Lasts

IF your site has been built up properly, you site should be ranking on its own to large degree.  As we yammer about it elsewhere on our site, onpage SEO can go a long way towards achieving great rankings.  Having a decent amount of content properly aligned and thoughtfully added is your biggest asset when trying to rank your website.  Conversely, slapping up some poorly thought out page structures, with some poorly worded content, and skipping on your on-page elements is the quickest way to shoot yourself in the foot.  While it IS true that a website or page can be ranked with nothing more than a video on the page, for the long term, that is a non-viable solution.  It will not lead to long term gains.  If your SEO company has done the job reasonably well, you should have a position in at least the first few pages of the SERPs (search engine ranking positions).  And you can build on it from there – actually your SEO company can and should.

NOW, When to Use PPC

So, your page is right in every respect and you still can’t rank for a certain term you’re interested in ranking. Maybe you are moving into a new area that you don’t want to go whole hog on yet.  For example, you’re ranking for a local town but can’t quite break into Raleigh at the moment.  Obviously competition in smaller outlying areas of any major city or town will be less so it will be easier to rank those areas.  But then cracking the big Raleigh nut for your service?  THAT’S where you may choose to use some PPC.

Use it when you aren’t ranking for your target keyword only!

We’ve got a client that runs it across the board, even though for his target terms, he’s already ranking 1,2,3 in Google.  It doesn’t make much sense to fight against yourself, does it?  We only provide our input – what customers choose to do is not for us to dictate.  There are varying thoughts on this though.  If a customer sees your ad at the top of a page and then another few entries below that, it SHOULD pinpoint you as a company to call.  We don’t have any definitive answer on that.  Would we (for our own sites) run ads against our own organic SERP listings? Nope.  If you have the number one position, let your organic SEO do its thing.  Spend your money where you aren’t already the big man (or woman) on campus.

Can We Setup Your PPC Campaign?

Yes, we can.  We integrate that PPC closely with your normal organic SEO work so we aren’t stepping on toes between the two and wasting your money.  See more about Offsite SEO services that will go right along smoothly with your PPC campaigns.