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Offsite Search Engine Optimizations

onsite seo - offsite seo in raleighSo, what IS offsite SEO?

Simply, it’s everything that benefits your site that doesn’t happen on YOUR site. Usually it’s links TO your site from various sources. It can be other media sources that link to you – like YouTube. Twitter, Google+, Facebook and other social media. They can give you some love and serve as what is known as “social signals” that Google just eats up when it comes to ranking your site. Local directories like Triangle411.com and others can be awesome for getting your name out there and providing the references that Google wants to see. Then there’s that whole pay per click thing – PPC for short.


All of these mentioned things above provide what are collectively referred to as “backlinks.” Backlinks are truly what makes the web page rankings go round. Show us a great, awesome looking graphical masterpiece of a website with 0, zero, nada links to it and we’ll show you a whole LOT of wasted money. Search engine optimization has a whole lot of facets – and having the “best looking” site is not primary among them

We’ll not beat around the bush here and cloak this whole thing in a lot of mystery – you need backlinks to rank your site period. You can find the technical piece elsewhere in the site – Why Do I Need Backlinks?. Now how you get them is another thing – What is white hat SEO and black hat SEO

We will get you linked up with other sites in similar industries, general business directories, local directories whenever possible, links from bookmarks, blogs, etc. When it comes down to it, our primary goal is to get you the most love for your site from Google that we can. There are a number of places that we can help to improve your backlink profile. And additionally, we do it as SAFELY as possible. When it comes to Raleigh SEO, we know the ins and outs of it.

WHOA, Big Boy! Safety?

We just went hunting for that onerous Google Terms of Service paragraph where it basically indicates that ANYTHING you do to affect your search engine ranking is against its terms of service, but didn’t see it in a 10-second scan. It’s there. Google does NOT like anyone playing with their rankings and has a really nasty temper when it discovers that it has been played. The most humorous explanation I’ve ever heard about Google compares it to a crazy girlfriend (or boyfriend depending on your gender/preference) – see Google-Your Crazy Girlfriend.

The nice thing about having a ton of OUR OWN domains out there is that we can test a LOT of things. We know how far we can go with certain things – like how many links CAN be added without getting Google all riled up – and when it’s time to take it easy. The other companies may not tell you straight what they’re up to, but if we’re entering into a business relationship, you need to know that we practice what we preach. We don’t base our work on the latest evangelism from Matt Cutts about how you should be doing things – we base it on what works. Backlinks are a winner.

Anyway, you do need links and there ARE ways to get them without getting yourself in a bind with big G. Do WE know how? You BETCHA we do. We have GOT your strategy for Local SEO in Raleigh