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Get those rich snippets to work to your SEO benefit.  With ajust a few minutes of work, you at least have a shot at getting your pic to show up next to the search engine listing for YOUR company!

To the detriment of all that snippety goodness, recent chatter is going around that Google may start pushing the power of these snippets to the back burner going forward.  Like a lot of things, once people understand how to use (and exploit) them, they’re no longer as useful to Google to determine worthiness of a website. 

We’re personally seeing noticeably fewer images lately appearing next to SERP listings than we did a few months ago.  The smiling faces next to some results have often brought increased attention to those entries – even if they WERE at the bottom of a page, but with minimizing returns on this… Who knows.  

Our opinion?  Until you throw the ball, you just don’t know if it’s going to be a strike or not.  They may appear for your listing or they may not.Those rich snippets will never appear though if you don’t take a few minutes to set them up to begin with!

How to Make it Happen?

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