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Be the BIG DOG in Raleigh SERPs!

Be the BIG DOG in Raleigh SERPs!

There are no two ways to slice it – the web and search engines in particular have become the phone books of the 21st century.  If you’re a computer user, odds are good that it’s quicker to go to your computer, mobile phone or tablet to do a quick search for a business or service that you want than to hunt down that phone book.  We’re particularly fond of just asking our iPhone to find stuff for us.  In 15 seconds, you can have a list of companies that provide the goods for which you are looking.  In that same time frame, we’d still be puzzling on where our phone book actually was…

That said, if you want to be found at all, you need to be found on the web. We won’t say that it’s completely unproductive to rely on ads in the phone book or print. There are some cases where phone book advertising is the perfect choice for your company.  If your service demographics include large chunks of senior citizens, that group still does make great use of phone books.  ‘Nuf said.  We’re all about getting your company website to the top of the search engines.

Be the Big Dog!

Even a little company out in the middle of nowhere can be the big dog in a niche on those SERPs.  It is amazing that, via the web, even small companies can be the powerhouse.  And there’s NO reason that your company shouldn’t BE the Big Dog in your Raleigh SERPs!

Don’t Miss Out on Business

If you’re not on the web, we will say you’re missing out on the benefits and business that could be going your way.  If you’re back on page 10 of the search engine results pages (SERPs), you aren’t benefitting much though.  Any company that wants to use their website investment to it’s fullest potential needs to be shooting for front page. If there are 100 other companies in your industry out there in the Raleigh Triangle area all competing for the same business, you can imagine what a plus it is to be on that front page. No more alphabetical order issues. No reason to name your company “AAA Services” or something to just get to the front of the listings.  You can be any name you would like.

You Can Compete With The Big Boys

Though web rankings get more and more competitive every day, the web is still the great equalizer.  You generally don’t need a marketing department of 12 and ad accounts with multiple companies and all that. With a single well optimized website, you can get on the web. Now, how far you want to take it… That’s another thing.

There IS  a lot of money being thrown at SEO services in many business niches.  You need to have a good solid SEO company (WE come to mind here) that understands your business, understands the market and can get you to that front page without blowing your budget.  Sometimes this isn’t as doable as others.  If your competitors are all cranking $5000/month into their SEO campaigns and you decide that you want to do it for $500/month – it’s not going to happen.  You can however go after smaller niches where they’re weaker or go for specific services/products where you can have much better success. Either way, NOW is the time to get going on dominating the local search engines!