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Let's fly!Investing in local SEO is crucial as it helps reach potential consumers. Businesses, especially startups should start by marketing themselves locally before entering the any type of larger market. Controlling the most nearby locations gives companies the ability to get the most bang for the buck right out of the gate.  Shorter trips, less time spent traveling to and fro OR making your local brick and mortar known to your neighbors – regardless of your business model / needs, local SEO is almost always going to be your best first step.

Hire a local SEO expert

To get excellent results, it’s a whole lot more efficient to hire an expert to do it for you.  Short of spending weeks/months, even YEARS learning all the ins and outs of SEO, just get someone to do the job.  While SEO is not a mind-numbing, dark magic kind of thing, most people will be MUCH better off sticking to making their business operations successful and leaving the internet marketing to companies that do it all the time.

Just like so many other things in business, yes, if you spent a lot of time learning one or another aspect of it, you could do it yourself. The pinch comes when you realize that in order to do what an expert can do in an hour will require considerably MORE time if you do it yourself.  For the same reason we have a “lawn guy”, most companies are better off with their own “SEO guy” (or gal). They have all the knowledge and tools to do it quickly and efficiently.  Successful local SEO requires proper analyzing and research when choosing the strategies to implement. Experts know how to go about these processes so as to achieve a good ranking on the search engine results.

Some of the important parts of SEO – be it local or even a large global campaign include:

Keyword research

Keywords play an enormous role when it comes to search engine ranking. All the content you post on the website should contain certain keywords. The company you hire will do research and come up with keywords that will make your website more discoverable. They will also research on the keyword density that will be used in blogs and articles for your business.

Link building

Building links to a website is another strategy that experts will use to help you to get high rankings. Bad link building can have a very negative impact on your website. This happens if links are made to wrong websites. An expert will help you come up with quality links to the right websites.

User-friendly websites

Users have to be able to access your website well both on computer and phone screens. Our Raleigh SEO experts will help you in designing your website so that it’s mobile friendly. This will give you an advantage since search engines especially Google tend to prefer websites that are mobile friendly.

Social media

Local SEO also uses the social media to build links to websites. Use of social media improves a business’s online presence by a big percentage as a majority of the adult population log into social media sites every day.

Not sure how to get your company on top of local SERPs? Let Lizardwebs guide you through this with a minimum of fuss. Contact us today!