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Confused? DIY SEO Tips

After sacrificing several chickens, performing a full feng shui on your office and kissing the Blarney Stone, your website STILL does NOT appear. Your first-born is looking nervous. Let us steer you in the right direction for a little DIY optimization.

Not everyone is ready to hire a search optimization company at any given time.  We do get a lot of calls from people that have built a site themselves. We cringe usually. BUT, that doesn’t mean that things can’t be done to improve on it.  Here are some general ideas for the smaller, “Want to do it myself” type website owners to increase their search engine rankings.

      1. Make sure you mention the locale that you are targeting. When you are specific about the area that you are targeting, including the state, you are limiting your number of competing websites. More specific ranks better.  We see this one a lot.  The search engines have NO clue what area you are targeting unless you tell it. Just because you do business in Clayton NC, UNLESS YOU specify it on your website, Google et al have NO way of knowing or associating that location with you.
      2. Some targets ARE tougher than others. You might be able to crack a few local terms on your own in less competitive niches. Others can be quite a task, even for SEOs, to get to appear.  The less competitive the term, the better your odds.  If you are the only provider of a certain service, you will obviously have MUCH better chances to appear than in a category that has 1000 competitors in a 10 mile radius. Landscapers are a good example. Ton of ’em, but a lot of them are DIY folks.  The search engines however are clogged up with those that can afford SEO for the most part. Real Estate can be particularly difficult. Go for very specific terms and THEN expand to the larger more expansive terms.


      1. It’s all about Google. Unfortunately to some degree, as Google can more or less dictate what you have to do with your website to get any traffic. While we DO think that this will be changing in the not so distant future, that’s the way it is right now. And Google likes to see that your company is listed in what are known as “authority sites.”  These are sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, YellowPages, Yahoo, etc.  These are BIG name sites and not every little “List your business for free!” website that pops up in your town.  While those “list your biz free” directories probably won’t HURT, they won’t be an efficient expenditure of your time usually.  Google places more TRUST in those businesses that have these listings.  You can get an idea of where you should be registered/listed at, reasonably enough, at http://getlisted.org/
      2. If you’re a member of a local Chamber of Commerce, those links can be particularly helpful. They usually carry a lot of weight.  Make sure that there is a link to your website at a minimum. Include links to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ page, Yelp, YellowPage listing, YouTube, etc as you can. Each site has different expectations and allowances. The more links you can get in, the better.  They may not make you any money directly, but they do give your website a boost of “trust” that Google rewards.


    1. Make it easy to get in touch with you!  Don’t put your phone number in little font size at the bottom of the page exclusively. While it’s a good idea to HAVE your phone number at the bottom of each page, include it in BIG FONT at the top, on the side – somewhere that can be found easily. When your visitor makes a buying decision, they shouldn’t need to jump through hoops to figure out how to contact you.
    2. Include contact forms. Some people are naturally talkers and will want to call and talk to a real human. Others are not so big on talking and want “just the facts, ma’am.” You may also have visitors when the office is NOT open – like midnight. And you don’t want them to lose interest or forget about you waiting to call you when you’re open. A contact form lets any potential customer reach out to you 24/7.  And what better to find when you check your email first thing in the morning than an opportunity to make some money??

These are just a few quick tips to give you an idea of the things that you should keep an eye on if you want to work on your own website optimization.  If you want to just focus on the “business of your business”, contact CopyNight to let US make all of this happen for you!  There’s a lot more to the search engines than what we have here.  We don’t give away all of our methods here, but if you want us to throw our focus on YOUR website, contact us today!