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The things you’ve seen, the problems you’ve fixed. The life of a computer repair shop owner or even solo operator can be tough. We’re going to be real frank here because we’ve been through it too. Sometimes ridiculous customer expectations, scheduling, updates automatically applied that cause ALL your customers to call at 8:30 am the day after, hours watching diagnostics run. Eeeeesh.

On the plus side, watching a customer’s face light up when they can get to their email again; knowing that you’ve just saved the day for a company that lost a document inadvertently; getting a new computer setup *just perfect* for a new hire in one of your customer’s offices.

Computer Repair is a Great Business

Computer repair is and can be a very satisfying and rewarding occupation or business. In most cases, there is very little startup cost involved if you work out of your home and move up as desired. Some companies go the route of brick and mortar, but we know a LOT that work directly from their homes. Either way is fine. Customers really don’t usually care – if you can fix THEIR computer problem, your location is immaterial to them.

Customers Are Your Lifeblood

Either way you go, what you DO need are customers. Lots of ’em. A stream and supply of phone calls. Whether it’s you going out to fix their computer, you have techs doing it, or you have a storefront that needs traffic – you need business. Word of mouth is awesome, but when you’re starting out, it isn’t enough. Since we actually have been through this – we started off going down Main Street of a local town, introducing ourselves and offering our help. It honestly was effective at generating business, but there had to be something MORE effective…

Buiding YOUR Online Computer Repair Website Presence Effectively

Computer Repair Website Presence

The first step in developing a strong local presence is getting a good local website. There are a lot of you out there that maybe have a website already and it’s ranking so-so – or some other variant. As a techie type person, you probably feel you can handle your own website – it’s on a computer after all, right??? Well, Master of Motherboards – word of advice, there is a difference between being ABLE to do it and making it work the way you want it to. Seriously.

Giving the Customer what THEY Want

Step 1: Good Website

At heart, you’re likely a geek and probably not necessarily a sales person at heart. If you are, then you ARE blessed! As geeks, we often get caught up in gobbledygook that only glazes the customer’s eyes over. You need a plain speaking website with good structure, good titles and more that is FOCUSED on your area that customers can relate to. We can build this kind of beast for you – we’ve done it several times and rank nicely in the uber-competitive Raleigh NC market. We rock (#1 and top 5) in almost all surrounding town searches for many terms – pc repair, computer repair, laptop repair, virus removal and more. In a lot of areas, your website will NOT need to be super complex.

Step 2: Computer Service SEO

With a firm website to base your rankings efforts on via search engine optimization, it’s time to move it up. If you have a low competition area, you might rock to the top with a well-constructed and thought out website right off the bat. Probably not though (realistically speaking). Now we work on offsite link building, social media strategies and the like. This is where we have “been there, done that” and can successfully guide you right on through and get you TOP rankings in your city or town!

Want to watch us rank a local computer repair website? Look for one coming soon in our Case Studies area. We’ll be ranking a close by town – and then probably selling it.  Want us to build, rank and sell YOU a website?  Contact us!