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Industry Specific Optimization

Ahh… the places we’ve been, the things we’ve seen, the sites we’ve ranked – across all different types of businesses and all with differing goals.  We have worked with medical doctors, chiropractors, and Med Spas; several trades such as HVAC, Home Improvements, Power washing, bathroom and kitchen refinishing, decks, fencing, plumbing and more; computer repair shops; day spas; landscaping…  The list goes on.

Should Your SEO Company Be Industry Specific?

The short answer is no.  The caveat is that if they are not familiar with it, they will need to be willing to put the time in to learn about the business.  It’s one thing to arbitrarily fire off backlinks without an understanding of what makes the business work and what makes each company special.  It’s completely different to be taking a personal interest in what the desired results are and be personally involved and  tied to that success.

We recently spanked an insurance industry SEO specialist company hard – at half the cost.

If you DO want an industry specific SEO provider, think about this.  How many other companies in the same business in this area are they working on now? If the company you speak to is local and wants to do local Raleigh search engine optimization work, how many other sites do they have that are your competitors? Who is going to get the push?  We keep out of local competition against ourselves.  Playing chess against yourself is a no-win all the way around usually.  If someone is at one end of our local area and another company is at the other, then we do make considerations.

We ARE Your Partner

If you’ve read through our site at all, then you probably will remember the “We’re NOT the ‘We’ll make you #1 for EVERYTHING for just $99 per month!’” reference.  With that kind of SEO company, do you really think that they’re going to spend any time learning about your business?  Not for $99/month they won’t.  We’re NOT the cheapest and we don’t want to be – there’s a lot out there that will be happy to be the cheapest.  And we are NOT them.  We’re also far from the most expensive.   We do, however, charge a fair price to give your company and website the attention it needs.  You’re not just a name with a list of keywords here. We want to be able to spend the time with you and your company on a fairly personal level to understand what makes your business go – and how WE can help make that happen.

When we see a report where we have a drop in rank, and it does happen, we take it personal.  We probably shouldn’t, but to us, it means that we need to be trying harder.  All rankings will bounce around a bit and we do understand that, but when it goes on for any length of time, we’re looking into it to find solutions.

What Businesses Are We Familiar With?

The one nice thing about having an SEO company that is experienced in your particular business is that there is a whole lot less for them to have to pick up on.  If your SEO people are not a mini-subject matter experts on your business, they’re not the people for you.  They don’t need the depth of understanding about your business that YOU do, but they need to be pretty aware of what makes it tick.

That said, we are familiar with most of the trades industries, doctors, day spas, computers.  The thing to keep in mind is that the businesses that we work with must be of sufficient size to actually have a marketing budget.  If we’re taking food off your plate to do our job properly, you’re not in a position to be using us.

We have extensive resources in place for all of the above mentioned areas and can show you some great search engine results in any of them.

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