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Google - The Elephant in the Room

Google – The Elephant in the Room

Back when Google first surfaced back in the late 90s, I applauded finally having a viable – and GREAT – search engine to use that was not dominated by Microsoft, AOL ads, Yahoo, etc. Viable, clean and fast. The Google search engine returned viable results on a pretty consistent basis – though it was dominated at times by porn sites while they worked out the kinks in search algorithms. Google – the great equalizer – the hero of the little man! You could use their search engine without having to drink the “portal” Koolaid.

So, wtf happened? As always, trying to stay on top of the SEO scene, I was popping through one of my online sources this morning and noticed an article about recent Google SERPs changes being a bit awry. “A bit” is an understatement. Honestly, I did some checks on some of my clients and I don’t see anything truly off right now – however, there are a lot of terms that all of my clients want to dominate for and it takes a while to check them all. And I just don’t think I’m going to waste my time on it right now on a grand level.

Want to see the results of the most recent algorithm – ostensibly a Panda update – change? Try this quick search on Google for (opens in new window) “buy cheap viagra” (Google will probably penalize me for having “cheap viagra” references in my blog now…) The first entry? McKenna’s on the Bay in Long Beach, California. Seriously? Are the men and women that good there? Must be one HECK of a clientele to give THOSE results. Or maybe they have some secret ingredients in their drinks that we don’t know about.

I would THINK that Google is scurrying around to cleanup the mess they made of this latest update – that we’ll affectionately call “Google Warthog” (that’s what my source called it – I like it). I checked out SearchEngineWatch.com to get their take on it – and hopefully, some insight into it. Other than it being mentioned that Matt Cutts had announced a Panda update that “will be significant and one of the most talked about Google algorithm updates this year.” Good job Matt. Not sure I’d want my company to be talked about for this mess though.

SEO – sometimes I ask myself why I even bother working on this stuff – it’s a crap shoot as long as you have yet another leviathan sitting there as lord and master of all things online. It used to be Microsoft throwing their weight around, but honestly, Microsoft and the Bing search engine are starting to look good again. Honestly, the search tests I have done – as a result of their TV advertisements – have come back with better results than Google in most cases. Unfortunately, the one time champion of the small man, the great equalizer of all things internet, Google, seems to have its own agenda these days – and I’m not necessarily sure that it’s returning good results to a searcher any more.

Gotta go – my flight to Long Beach is leaving in a couple of hours…