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Google - burning down your house.

Don’t push too hard. Google tends to go crazy with gas cans and matches…

Google – In SEO, I think most of us have a love/hate relationship with it. We love it because it enables us to use our mad skills to make a living by helping OTHER people get their sites to the top of the heap. We hate it because it keeps changing on us. One day it loves our sites: the next, not so much. Much to our chagrin.

Google is a very fickle thing at times. Sort of like a crazy girlfriend. It sees your new site and says “Okay… but I’VE GOT MY EYE ON YOU!” During that time, your site will likely not be ranking smoothly.  There will probably be ups and downs while Google decides if you’re serious or just pulling its leg. You might get an initial bit of love, but then it goes down and bounces around a bit while Google keeps tabs on it. If you play nice, you get a little more love, trust and leeway and will settle in to your post-launch positioning within a week or two.

Now you start getting a little sick of things where you’re at on page 10 and you do some backlinking. So far so good. Rankings go up and no issues. Then you unadvisedly decide that you are going to pay some clown on Fiverr to backlink to your site because you heard (maybe from here) that you need backlinks to rank. And then you get 20,000 backlinks on a fresh site with 0 to start off with. And most of the links end up coming from adult sites.  And viagra sites.  All in just a few days.  More IS better, right??   Holy MOSES. The site is virtually jumping up those SERPs!!! Real good for a few days, maybe even a few weeks or months sometimes depending on how it’s done.

And then your crazy girlfriend, Google, notices that you have been FAR too busy for this to have occurred naturally. And worse, these sites don’t really have a whole lot in common with what you’re pushing… You’ll first get a nasty text about “unnatural link building” expressing REAL disappointment in you. This is the equivalent of “I saw you LOOKING at that girl!” If you don’t lay off your bad behavior, then Google runs up and down and keys your car, starts throwing all your man sh*t out the window, and drops your ranks down bad. Real bad. You can’t be found for any of your keywords. Pretty soon you can’t even find yourself in the first X pages when you search for your domain.

If you’re still not behaving, then Google runs around your apartment with a gas can and sets the whole thing on fire – you’re delisted. At this point, you might just as well kiss your domain off, let it expire and start over again. Google, the fickle minx, has dumped you hard. Granted you deserved it for trying to be slick, pulling the wool over eyes and all that, but wow. Gotten into one of THESE scrapes? Call us for some info on this one. Nothing is ever a complete loss.