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We honestly can’t come up with a better explanation of why you need backlinks than is in this video below and it would be redundant to go into a long explanation of backlinks here.  We’ll keep OUR part short and sweet here – if you want the full lowdown on it, watch the video.  The Professor is actually right on target and explains the relationship of backlinks and search engine optimization very succinctly.

Our short & sweet backlink verbiage:

Each backlink to YOUR site – that’s a clickable link located on ANOTHER site besides yours – is an indication to Google and the other search engines that your site has good content.  The theory is if it’s good content, people will link to it, create bookmarks to it, etc. The more of them you  have, the better – WITHIN reason.  There are ways of generating backlinks that can build up a whole lot of links quickly and this is NOT something we suggest. Watch the video if this describes you. Connect the dots and you’ll understand why this is usually NOT a good idea – it comes down to the quality.