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Knowing How to Make Google Love Your Site

raleigh-seo-companyGoogle is your ticket to high traffic if you get your site ranked for your targeted keywords. If you can leverage Google the right way, it’s possible to draw in thousands of free visitors direct to your site. Irrespective of your chosen niche or what your site is about, the key to driving massive amounts of targeted traffic lies with Google.

In terms of getting free traffic, Google is the key – as long as you can crack the code. But the question that comes up here is – how do you exactly make Google like your site? This article will look at some practical tips you can use to increase your site’s appeal. Need a quick way to check YOUR stats? Find out a whole lot about your site at http://majestic.com.

Be certain that the URL for your website and subsequent pages is liked by the search engines. Your website URL should probably possess the keyword that you are trying to target. A partial match domain name (PMD) is working pretty well these days. In the past, everyone clamored for EMDs – exact match domains – like CityNameService.com or ServiceCityName.com. These days, it is getting WAY too easy to overoptimize your site – particularly with URLs. If you have a “flat” construction with all pages on the same level, it probably will NOT be an issue. IF you’ve built your website out in silos with a lot of parent child relationships, you can burn down your site before you’ve even started with bad page/path names.

Name your pages well

You have to ensure that you’ve got a search engine friendly URL. If you’re using a platform like WordPress then creating such a URL won’t be a problem. In the old days, so to speak, we often ended up creating dynamic or somewhat cryptic or useless page names like “page2.html.” This was primarily due to having to manually put that in all over the place in static pages and it saved a lot of keystrokes. With a CMS like WordPress, it’s a non-issue. Links are kept in the CMS and a little pointing and clicking is all that’s needed to keep a good SEO-friendly page name going.

Do keep in mind there CAN be too much of a good thing. Keep your URLs to a reasonable length. More than 4 words in a page name is usually overkill and will just push out your URL for no good reason. If you’re looking for serious marketing help in the Raleigh NC area, look no further than OutsideRaleigh.com. They do it day in and day out. Have a question about YOUR search engine optimization and overall marketing strategies? These are great folks to talk to.

Aged Domain?

A big part of how well your website ranks on Google can be attributed to the age of your domain name. An older domain name can expect more favorable results. Reputable sites that have been registered for a while tend to rank better than newly registered sites. And it’s human tendency to equate age with quality. Spiffy ideas about how to rank your site better? Find out more about seo raleigh nc services to get YOUR site ranking better!

No matter what niche your site is in, an older domain name is likely to rank better than a newer one. An alternative to this is to buy an old domain name within your niche with an existing page rank. We can definitely tell you first hand – that strategy works awesomely well – but you do need to know what you’re doing before you end up blowing money on a penalized domain or run into problems that just can’t be overcome that easily. Sometimes it can just be wiser to be patient and keep adding backlinks, work on SEO and keep adding great content.

Your page titles are also very important. If you don’t have the right title, then it’s very obvious that Google is not going to be happy about ranking your site. A good title sends out the right signal. It tells the search engines a little about your site. The title is what you will find in the search results. So, the more focused and descriptive that title is in those 60 (give or take) characters, the stronger things will be. Google will give a good ranking to your website when you do things in the right manner. Ensure that you are focusing on such important factors so that you’re not only noticed, but also ranked high for your keyword. For example, if you want to be found for Raleigh SEO, you darned well better have it in your title – and a few other places, but you get the idea.

Plenty of websites receive free traffic from Google and they’re thrilled. Why wouldn’t they be?

They’re seeing huge traffic numbers and plenty of targeted traffic at no cost to them. If you want to be in the same category of sites that get regular Google love then use the tactics that we discussed above. The results won’t be immediate, but you will see things improve as time goes on. You won’t regret spending time and effort optimizing any website for Google. The results will show up as improved search engine rankings and increased website visitor numbers.

So how DO we do when we put our minds to it? Find out more in our SEO Case Studies page