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Search FAQs

I recently saw this and I have to say, it’s a valuable insight for what we are asked in the SEO industry frequently. People approach the SEO industry, some from being burned in the past by the “We rank you long time. $99” special people, others thinking that there is some magic bullet that SEOs have to automagically rank your site the day they sign you up. Let me share something with you – we don’t. There IS no “magic bullet” when it comes to SEO. There are a number of methods that are used, and none of them are free. At a minimum, they all take time to implement.

This will probably end up as a post in the near future, but if you came here looking for a FAQ on when payment is expected, this will give you an answer on our end. We work hard on making our client sites rank. It doesn’t happen by itself. It takes money. We don’t do a “We only charge you if we rank you.” If we didn’t think we could rank you or that it could not be a productive relationship, we wouldn’t ever take you on as a customer.

If we have sent you here after you have uttered the phrase, “Yeah, I’m only going to pay if I get XYZ result.” then be aware of what our angle is. We don’t control Google. We can’t call them up and say, “Make them 1st please.” Additionally, we are also fighting against every other SEO in that particular market. Our work costs. There is no “pay if we like it” plan LOL.