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Lizardwebs welcomes aboard some new staff – and wishes some old staff the best on their continuing journey!

Leaving Lizardwebs is Technical Manager Jim Singleton.  Jim worked with us for over a year and moved Lizardwebs strongly in the right direction with his excellent technical knowledge and winning customer service personality. We will miss him. If you are used to calling Jim directly, please contact the office directly – we will schedule you directly with one of our new techs.  And look for a new voice on the phone…

Karen Dunn – Office Manager

Karen comes to Lizardwebs with experience (and a degree) in Accounting among other things. She has worked with several small organizations such as ours which makes us hopeful that she can slap a bunch of computer techs into a focused cohesive computer tech UNIT that can serve the customers as well as do what is needed to make the office run smoothly. Let’s face it, while computer techs can usually tell you even the minutest detail about computers, they seldom are that great at tracking things – like what they’re doing on a daily basis.  We think Karen will be able to direct us ALL down the right path on that angle!

George Correia – Computer Technician

George has come to Lizardwebs Computer Services with a background in personal computer service as a self taught computer tech.  George is currently following up all of his own personal learning with true computer training through the local MyComputerCareer.com office. He’s certified in a number of Microsoft areas already and is still studying to get his MCSE certification.  We are excited about having George as part of the Lizardwebs team!

Cass Simpson – Computer Technician

Cass is coming to Lizardwebs Computer Services with a solid background in sales and marketing – as well as computers.  Talk about a dynamite combo.  Cass is also in the Army Reserves and is a parachute packer. I’m sure there is a more military type title for this, but that’s the best we can cough up.  Since he’s used to lugging packed chutes around the place, he also seems to be REAL handy hoisting servers around the office. For this and several other reasons, we think Cass will be a great addition to Lizardwebs!  Cass is also studying to finish his MCSE currently.

Joe Viera – Computer Technician

Joe comes to us after working in the computer industry a decade ago. He took a hiatus due to the economy of the Florida area. We are glad to have Joe with us and again back in the computer industry. He is currently on assignment for the next several months doing computer installs.

Bruce Wilke – Server Technician

Bruce comes to Lizardwebs after spending some time working with computer servers in various environments. He has also spent some time handling security system technical/computer aspects for government and corporate groups. We’re thinking that might be a great combo for Lizardwebs.


Welcome aboard all!  Let’s make this a great new place for all of us to be!