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While we’re still working on getting our site completely switched over and combined, I thought it might be a good idea to explain WHY there would be a reference to noisy beagles – rather SCREAMING beagles and lizards on this site.

Like any good SEO company should do, we test our techniques on our own stuff. That site which was ScreamingBeagle.co was just that – nothing more than a test. At the same time, Lizardwebs had been our computer repair side and has been heavily focused on the computer repair side of the Lizardwebs business for the last 5 or so years. Prior to that, the name actually originated back in Lizard Lick, NC in 1997 when we put out our first commercial website.  The Lizardwebs name handled all types of service through the years, but most recently, truly focused on computer repair.  While Lizardwebs itself was focused on ranking for repairs – to keep the techs busy, ERIC was focusing almost exclusively on search engines and SEO work.

In June of 2015, I finally made the decision to cut the repair side of the business loose. I reached out to my tech Troy to see if he was interested in buying and taking over the business – and he was.   Eric and computer repairs were no more. There was just web and SEO!

So as to not leave the hundreds, if not over thousand, customers that we had acquired in the previous almost 20 years since we started picking up computer repair customers, I decided to leave the link to Troy on up.  Our business had been solid – AND we had our handy little Lizardwebs site that spoke to the Web/SEO market anyway.

After finally 7 months, it became just too much to keep the two names going side by side in the same business. I guess it could have worked, but it was definitely time to simplify some of the things that had been going on.

The decision to combine the businesses and sites has led to what you see in front of you now – the new, and hopefully even STRONGER, Lizardwebs.  I had just completed a nice retro theme and really enjoyed working with that kind of imagery. The 50s/60s imagery and the things that could be done with it. I’ve used even older images in some cases as well as some period line drawing styles.  Having a blast with it.  I spent several days on the actual layout and finding images and getting things “just so”.  Sadly what was, and still IS, left is making sure we have all the “ScreamingBeagle” parts converted to Lizardwebs things.

While I would LIKE for this to be top focus, it’s far more important to me that we are giving our customers the focus and attention that they deserve.  The plumber’s faucets are always leaky and the last to be fixed. We’ll get there.

Thanks for bearing with us and glad you stopped by. And hey, if you read this?  Thanks even more 🙂