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I can’t begin to tell you how many times we get a call for a virus removal. And far too often it comes from a family, mother or father with a teen in the house. When we look over things like the internet caches and URL history in the browsers, we discover that someone has been roaming through porn sites. Now just because you have a virus, that does NOT mean that someone was visiting an adult site, but it can be a source of viruses for sure.

We also take a lot of calls to just help setup a family content filter or parental filter on a family computer. It is honestly very easy for an unsuspecting child to somehow click on an unsolicited email that contains a link to an adult site and bam – they’re on a porn site. Ugh. With so many emails flying around from spammers these days, it’s hard to lock them all out. Having a good antivirus in place is a great first step. Sometimes, though, it makes sense to take it a step further if you want to protect your children from things that you’d rather they just not see.

How to block porn

There are a number of things that can be setup to block adult content in your router, computer hosts files and more, but the easiest way to get your family or child’s pc locked down? A specialized porn blocker piece of software. Currently the best rated is available from NetNanny. There are just so many ways that kids can get exposed to things that you really would rather they NOT be seeing on their computers. The great thing about this software is that it gives you a number of ways to customize it.

Blocks Adult Content right out of the box

This software can be installed on both PCs and Macs, so either way your family leans, you can use this software. Install it and you will have done wonders to protect your family. Nothing complex, nothing time-consuming – but VERY effective. Want to step it up a notch and block MORE things?

Block Other Undesired Content

This software will not only block adult content such as those porn sites, but will also allow you to setup even more filters to allow blocking gambling, drug, violence or other obscene sites as well. Do you want to control access to forums, chat rooms or even Facebook? This software will allow you to handle all that and more. NetNanny is truly a one stop piece of software to protect your family. If the administrator – with their own special password – needs to disable it or turn it off for any reason, it’s a snap. So it can be turned on and off if someone in the house does want to go to Facebook for example. You’re not locked down forever in all cases. But when it comes to locking down the kids? You betcha.

How does it work?

The great thing about this porn blocking software is that it does NOT rely on a huge database of sites that doesn’t get updated properly. Seriously, if you think about it, with websites coming online every second, how CAN a fixed database even HOPE to block all the adult sites? We did a quick check and there are currently over 400 websites coming online per minute. And how many of those are for adult purposes? Mmmm… we bet a LOT of them.

Based on current website counts and a reasonable estimate of 4% we found over on the Forbes.com website, that gives us about 46 MILLION adult sites out there. Yes, with 1.12 BILLION websites, there are a LOT of these kinds of sites. This does not include other questionable material, only adult sites. That also gives us a new porn site coming online about every 4 seconds. There really is NO way for a fixed database to hunt these things down and update that quickly. There really isn’t.

UPDATE: The prior software listed here seems to be out of production… NetNanny.com continues to be a big player in this industry.