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Raleigh Web Design by Lizardwebs

Web Design, simply put, is creating a visually stimulating and functional web presence based on customer needs or desires. Some companies want a cutting edge, trendy website with all the latest bells and whistles in their Raleigh web design. However, if your company is more mainstream, trendy animations probably are not going to be a big priority – being found on the web – FIRST page for your Raleigh website is probably your biggest motivation.

Providing good information allows a client to make a decision to purchase your product or service on the spot.   And your Raleigh web design should take that into account when it’s being built. In many cases, the customer purchase decision can be made with no direct contact depending on the product or service. Think how that could a affect the bottom line! Instead of needing to tie up an assistant or sales rep and provide lots of sales information via phone or in person, the site can provide ALL of that information – at least that’s what a GOOD Raleigh web design should do for you!  When a prospective client contacts your company after visiting your website, they should already be satisfied that your product or service is what they need. Then it is just a matter of making the transaction.

A well-designed Raleigh web design is based on listed services, solid descriptions of the services or products, and even more, the image that the site projects. A good site should provide all the information that a company needs to describe their services, products, or function. A professional designer should be able to take those needs and blend them together into a seamless online representation of your company. All sites CAN be catchy and memorable; it requires a good theme, good implementation and good presentation. And your Raleigh web design should be able to pull it off without breaking a sweat!

Contracting a professional Raleigh web design company takes the uncertainty out of your site for the most part. The site should perform as expected. It should display on all current browsers (and most old ones) and will even be available to text browsers. Most sites that Lizardwebs produces will even work smoothly for visitors with disabilities that use text reading browser utilities. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (WCAG) compliance is a must if the site is a government or corporate site. Following these guidelines ensures that the site will have the broadest possible audience to all users. Imagine throwing away ANY percentage of your sales just because an Internet Explorer browser is the only thing that the site will render on!

Lizardwebs can meet design needs that address all of the mentioned items giving your company a clean professional Raleigh web design that will be accessible to all users!

Can I do my own Raleigh NC website?

You CAN, but we don’t recommend it. It is your company image on the line.  A professional Raleigh web design company understands why to do certain things and can make sure that your image is favorably presented in accordance with existing local standards. If one wants to take the time to learn all the aspects of web design, then doing one’s own site can be a rewarding and inexpensive method of getting a web presence. However, it can have bad results when a client visits the site and it LOOKS like you did it yourself. Symptoms are images are contorted or not loading, images jaggy or loading up line by line, text isn’t lining up or worse yet, errors are popping up. There are several browsers that are currently used – and a good design should work smoothly with all of them.

Additionally, you likely will have an issue with being found on the search engines. For some terms, it can be a challenge even for a Raleigh web design company to get on the front page. The continuing thing that we see with people that do their own websites is lack of proper keywords. The words that mean something to you don’t necessarily mean anything to the customer – and a good Raleigh web design company will know how to find out EXACTLY what your customers are looking for!

Lizardwebs – YOUR Raleigh Web Design company

Lizardwebs can help your Raleigh website get into the search results you need. While Lizardwebs does more than Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, there are many principles that should be followed to get your company into the land of the living as far as search engines are concerned. Be wary of ANY company that guarantees that they can get you to number one under almost ANY category. If your company sells very unique items, then it is possible. But if no one knows that the product actually exists, how are they going to find it in the first place?

Things to think about if you’re planning a new Raleigh website Raleigh web design – or even a national website