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Most people can actually put up a local website themselves with a template these days. Places like GoDaddy, Yahoo and others offer prepackaged deals that allow almost anyone to type up their content into a web page and then launch it.

So what gets one website onto the front page of Google search engine results page (SERP) for Raleigh, and another languishing on page 10 with no visitors?  One phrase –  Search Engine Optimization. There are a number of things – both on-page SEO items and off-page SEO items that contribute to your search engine ranking.  SEO optimization is what makes the difference to your website search engine rankings.

Which site will get the SERP love?

Think about a website’s search engine ranking in simple terms.  If two companies sell widgets – one with a professional looking site complete with 10 pages about widgets, contact forms, privacy policy pages, description pages, background info and more; and the other with one of those homemade type looking 1 page sites that says simply, “We sell widgets. Call us at 999.999.9999”, which site would YOU call?  And which one do you think the search engines are going to show more love?  If you guessed the 10 pager, you’re usually right.  There are exceptions, but… More content is better. A complete website is better. Solid structure and navigation is better. Good keyword selection is better. And having 10 pages to get your message across is better.

Lizardwebs works primarily with Raleigh websites or other local area focused websites to get them excellent search engine positioning in that market via local (usually Raleigh) Search Engine Optimization services.  We are initially focused on what is called “on-page SEO” for our Raleigh website clients.  You’ve got to get those spiders something to crawl all over to begin with!  After getting good content that Google and all the other search engines suck up, then we start working on off-page SEO.

Great look does NOT mean great rankings

Great CONTENT sites will usually rise up in the rankings as time goes along.  However, by getting your website backlinks to your important content, you can get a leg up a lot more quickly. When the search engines discover that your site is  your page linked from local directories, having it listed in multiple places that give your business more credibility, and making sure that you have websites pointing to content of particular interest to YOUR business, you’ll be finding yourself moving up and up those search engine results pages (SERPs).  There are natural SERP shifts though due to changing algorithms and they’re usually nothing to get in a tizzy over.

Selling SEO Snake Oil

There are a lot of do’s and do not’s in search engine optimizations.  Heading off down a quick “seems too good to be true” path can be very damaging to your site.  Some SEO companies can show a fantastic burst of traffic and search engine ranking for your site – but then it dies out quickly and can possibly get you COMPLETELY REMOVED from the Google SERPs.  If you see a lot of traffic coming from foreign countries – that’s a tip off.  There are a LOT of ways that an SEO company can lead you to believe that they are providing results without doing a darned thing.

There are companies that have aggressive sales departments that are long on bluster and short on knowledge. We love taking phone calls from them to hear the pitch. “We noticed that you’re not showing that well for some of your search terms and wanted to tell you about the SEO service we offer…”  Knowing what terms our websites rank for, listening to this bluster and blather is amusing.

One of my clients got a call “We were having problems finding your website and we’d like to offer our services.” Amusingly, her business is ranked throughout the Raleigh Triangle area #1 and #2 for a ONE WORD KEYWORD – the primary focus of her business. Though 99% of the time, the elevator pitch is accurate, it’s a real tipoff when you get that call that the SEO company is doing nothing more than going through a call list and really has never seen your website. They know nothing about your website, nor your competition.

SEO – Different Strokes for Different Folks

A little knowledge (or short-sighted optimization) CAN be a bad thing.  We are always testing methods with our own websites to see what is working and what’s not.

Search engine optimization techniques can take many forms.  Not all strategies are actually that easy to really explain without getting into a whole lot of theory – but we CAN tell you from experience – they work.  We occasionally will get into deep detail with folks, but honestly, once we see the glaze go over their eyes, well, let’s just say “Our methods work.” And when we don’t get the results WE want or expect for your site, we move on to another strategy.

There IS a big difference between building up a local business site in the rankings vs. selling the newest weight loss program online.  Different purposes require different techniques. We’re geared more to the local search engine market – helping businesses that will be staying around for the long haul.


If your website is not coming up where you would like it to be, call Lizardwebs for a free search engine optimization consultation.