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SEO Knightdale NC

Working hard on YOUR web site

Working hard on YOUR web site

We love the Triangle, period. Actually all of the Eastern North Carolina has been our general stomping ground for over 30 years! Obviously not ALL of those years have been spent working SEO, but local knowledge is invaluable. So many great towns all around. Raleigh at the center. Durham, Morrisville, Wake Forest, Cary, Garner, Knightdale, Clayton SEO, Apex, Fuquay-Varina – those that we left out, our apologies. We also work with companies in some of the larger towns outside of the Triangle – Rocky Mount NC, Wilson NC, Goldsboro, Greenville NC, Fayetteville NC to name a few. We’ve been in this area for a long time and know the towns and know the folks that live in them. While any search engine professional should be able to help your site, having local knowledge of the areas DOES help.

We’re ALL Across the Raleigh Triangle – and beyond!

There are a lot of great businesses here in the Triangle – and some of them are hot and heavy into their website. Their websites are driving targeted business and customers to them day in and day out. They realize that a strong website with strong local SEO is the way to get customers come to them. 24/7 a strong informational website let’s customers find your product or service, decide if your company is the one that think can solve their problem or meet their need and then make contact. All without tying up office resources to answer questions or generally chit-chat. Your website generally should be bringing you qualified leads on a daily basis. If this is NOT you, you had better be prepared to watch your competitors put you out of business.

DO You Need a Website and SEO?

For most companies – a resounding “YES” is needed here. If you are just making WAY more money than you can spend, you can probably forego a website and SEO. Seriously though, there are some companies that have been in an area so long that they’re a fixture in the community and really can skip a big web presence. They probably should have a website though anyway so people driving around with cellphones can easily say, “Directions to Jones Hot Dogs in Clayton NC” (we love their dogs and they have been there as long as WE can remember – but newcomers DON’T know about them…) and be able to get there. At a minimum, every business should at least have a freebie business page on Facebook and Google+. If you’re old school and just really don’t like the whole idea or want to deal with it – just ask one of your kids or grandkids to do it for you – it’s well worth the time. Like it or not, the web is here to stay and it’s going to be ever more pervasive as time passes. Find out more about why local seo is important.

For the Rest of You

You have a business and you want to be found in your community, be it one of the above or another – or several, we know the area and have worked with clients in many different businesses, industries, and areas. Some companies require optimization for a variety of areas and some want to just focus on one. We can handle those situations without any problem. One location, like SEO in Raleigh, or several targeted cities and towns, we’ve got solutions for you. Onsite search optimizing, offsite SEO backlinking, or even social media work all work hand in hand to get you found.

New Triangle Businesses

If you have a new business in the Triangle, you need to become acquainted with a good web designer who understands SEO and a good SEO company that understands your business. We suggest you spend some time with your designer and optimization person – it’s even better if they’re the SAME company (nudge, nudge) – and thoroughly explain your business model to them. It’s not like they want to horn in on your business, but they need to know what makes YOUR business tick. Most people don’t open up a new business on a whim and have spent a lot of time planning, getting licenses, permits and more. This should all be part of that plan and should be moving before you even open up your doors. The last thing a new business needs is a whole lot of downtime waiting for customers to find them. The bills still come due and without cash flow right off the bat? Not a good start.

Whatever business you’re in, you are better off hitting the ground running. Have a specific industry that you’re in? We’re familiar with several verticals – find out more at Industry Specific SEO

Knightdale SEO

Optimize YOUR Knightdale search engine results!Another area just outside of the Raleigh limits is Knightdale NC. Like the other towns in the same situation, local residents and business owners find Knighdale a little less hectic than Raleigh. Business costs are less as owners are not paying the Raleigh premium pricing. This allows them to grow their business with fewer financial restrictions. We have a number of clients that compete very successfully with the big city businesses as far as their website rankings. Want to get your Knightdale search engine optimization in shape to compete with the big city boys? Call Lizardwebs today!

Other Areas

There are a bunch of cities and towns in this area that we don’t specifically mention here by name. We handle SEO and website improvements in all of them – and actually beyond, but… Being rooted in this area, we are well qualified to understand the markets, many of the town specifics and more. No, a company doesn’t need to be specifically located right in the area to provide search improvements for your website, but in many cases, it does make it easier all the way around. Particularly in the case of the service industry. Knowing where business is coming from and the general demographics of communities is a real plus!