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Antivirus 2009, Antivirus 2010, and Antivirus 2011, Antivirus 2012

Remove Computer Virus RaleighThere is a group of computer viruses going around as of late, Antivirus 2012, that is a royal pain. This is one of those computer viruses that makes itself an absolute pain and will usually force users to call for computer virus removal. It downloads and embeds itself in the computer pretty tight. It then will proceed to popup all sorts of “Your computer is infected” messages, give the user the impression that every file on the computer is infected, and prompt you to download a program that will remove pc virus activity from your computer – for a price of course.

This program is, you guessed it, more of the same computer virus that will only get further into your computer. And, even worse, they have now charged you to infect your computer even more. Nice little game for the virus writer. Nasty and big PAIN for the computer user. And now they have your credit card number. Talk about adding insult to injury.

New Computer Viruses – what you don’t know CAN hurt you

There is one more thing to be aware of – the best new computer viruses do NOT make themselves known. There are an increasingly sophisticated group of programmers that are targeting their efforts towards stealing credit information and financial records from your computer. These computer viruses monitor your online activities stealing passwords as you visit site after site and gathering the information needed to use YOUR financial accounts.

Making money – yours… Unlike many of the other virus programs that are only designed to get you to click through to some porn site and boost it’s ratings or hope you sign up for it, these newer computer viruses are all about directly making money – YOURS – in a more direct way. And it does NOT behoove them to crash your computer while they do it. If your computer goes down, they don’t get any more information. This is why computers should be scanned regularly for spyware and viruses.

Don’t wait until you THINK you’re infected. If you’ve got one of these viruses, it’s possible you will never know until it’s too late! Make sure your computer antivirus ( you do HAVE antivirus installed, don’t you?) software is set to automatically scan at LEAST weekly if not daily.

Fix computer virus – now or later?

Eventually most infected computers will be unusable unless the viruses are removed. Your computer will end up getting so clogged up with the multitudes of viruses that have downloaded into your computer over time that it will start crashing, locking up, throwing a blue screen, not responding to the keyboard or mouse or any combination of similar things.