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Clean up Windows Start Menu NOW

Clean up Windows Start Menu NOW. Mine could use a little more cleaning, but I bet it is a WHOLE lot better than the one YOU see on YOUR computer!

About sick of trying to drag and drop stuff ON the start menu?I always shudder when i get hold of a computer, hit the start menu button, and the whole screen either fills up with nothing but Start menu program entries (Win 2000/XP) or creates this long nasty scrolling list (Win Vista and Win 7) that you can never seem to find the entry you need. Not only does it slow down the computer and VERY MUCH slows down the apparent speed of the computer, but it makes actually FINDING a particular entry much harder. I find it much easier for anyone to find things by categorizing them.

I use grouping folders such as Business, Programming, Multimedia, Utility, etc. These folders can then hold OTHER folders. My Utility folder will usually have another group of subfolders such as “AntiApps” for antivirus, antispyware and general antimalware type applications. However you do it, a little tidying to make the start menu a little more user-friendly for your own needs is usually a good thing.

When you have major cleaning to do on a Windows start menu, it can get old real quick. The start menu always disappears and doesn’t reload after the drop. Right click or left click and drag? Is it going to the public folder or the personal folder?. It’s A PAIN! Windows 2000 and XP are pretty much the same. And it was an annoyance to ME when the model was changed in Vista, but if you know where to find both entries, that’s all that matters.

Windows has two different areas for keeping your start menu items: Public and Personal. The Public will appear on EVERY user’s start menu. The Personal will be only shown for that particular user. If you are the ONLY one logging into the computer and have no reason to try to keep certain programs away from other users (i.e. kids, public computers, etc), then it always makes life much easier to pile all the entries under the Public start menu. If you have one of the above situations and want to keep certain entries away from the Public entries, then just put those under the Personal start menu area. You might even want to just create a folder in the Personal area called “Personal” and stack those personal entries there. It makes life a LOT less confusing when you’re trying to figure out where a certain entry is located.

Windows XP:
Public Start Menu: rootdriveDocuments and SettingsAll UsersStart Menu
Personal Start Menu: rootdriveDocuments and Settings%username%Start Menu

Windows Vista/Windows 7:
Public Start Menu: rootdriveProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart Menu
Personal Start Menu: rootdriveUsers%username%AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart Menu

Clean up that start menu today!