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Sitting there waiting for your computer to finish up the last thing you asked it to do, but really just watching your PC blinking merrily along and it doing absolutely NOTHING??? If you’re anything like me, this IS a frustrating experience. It’s wasting time and money – because time translates into money, right?

Raleigh Computer - How to Speed up your computer

Raleigh Computer – How to Speed up your computer

So what is so new about your old PC taking its own sweet time to complete tasks that are truly urgent for you? These quick couple of tips are going to help you increase your PC performance using the steps given below:

Software Installation & Uninstallation:

Your computer may have some programs hanging out on the hard drive that you don’t use. You wanted to try it because you didn’t know if it might work for you or not.  It didn’t. And it’s still there. Along with the trial versions of several games your teen decided to put on the family computer. They don’t work anymore, yet, there they sit. Ditch ’em. The best solution is to remove such programs that you don’t use, won’t use and/or don’t even LIKE.

If you aren’t sure how to remove the programs, here are simple steps to get you started for Windows XP which is similar to the other procedures used for most window versions. Windows Vista and Windows 7 have their software install/uninstall routines under “Programs and Features” on the control panel…

Step 1: Go to Start and click the control panel.
Step 2: When the Control panel window is shown, click the option that reads “Add or Remove Program” or “Programs and Features” as mentioned above. Then, click on the option, Remove Programs.
Step 3: You must now choose the program you wish to remove. Once this is done, go ahead and click on Remove/Change.
Step 4: As you intend to remove the program, just follow the wizard. Voila!

Rinse, repeat as needed. Be ruthless. It’s YOUR computer – take it back.

Now that you’ve cleared up some hard drive space without a whole lot of effort, let’s make the best USE of that new hard drive space.

Where do you see that in action?

When you open any folder, there is a mouse pointer, usually in the form of an hour glass, which takes time to show you the lists in the folder that you opened. This also happens when you open any volume, be it C or D or E. If you want to see LESS hourglass and more hard drive, we should get a good hard drive defragment going on.

What this does really is to line up all your files and folders in a nice orderly and neat fashion. That way, when your application needs data from the hard drive, it’s not picking a little bit here, move the drive head around, get a little there, etc.  It can pretty much read the whole file in a single swoop. That’s sort of simplified, but hopefully you get the idea.

This is how you’ll go about doing this little bit of computer wizardry:

On Windows XP:

Step 1: Click on Start. Select All Programs
Step 2: Select Accessories and then choose System Tools.
Step 3: When you see the option Disk Defragmenter, click it.
Step 4: Click the volume which you have decided to defragment. Go ahead, click Defragment and wait for its completion.
Step 5: On completion of the process, check the results shown in the Defragmentation display.
Step 6: Click View Report. Check the Defragmentation Report. The report provides important and detailed information pertaining to the volume that was defragmented.

On Windows Vista & Windows 7:

Step 1: Click on Start. Go to “Accessories”
Step 2: Go to “System Tools” and click on “Disk Defragmenter”
Step 3: Click on the C: drive in the new window
Step 4: Click the Defragment Disk button on the bottom right of the window
Step 5: Close the window when it’s done.
Step 6: You’re done.

Using these step by step measures, go ahead and maximize the performance of your PC today!

Don’t kid yourself. There are a LOT more things that a local computer repair technician can do to improve your computer performance and fix your slow computer, but these couple ideas are a GREAT start!  If you would like to get a professional computer tuneup, call Lizardwebs Computer Repair today!