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Dell_Logo_TaglineDo we do Dells in the Raleigh NC area?  You betcha.  I’ve always personally been a fan of Dell computers since WAY back in mid-90s when I was a systems admin at the near pretty much defunct Nortel.  Back in those days, I was in charge of the technical side of rolling out several hundred new Dell PCs to a what was called the RTEC building.  Back in those days, it was all Dell Dimensions sporting some hefty 133 MHz Pentium processors. Those were the days.

Dell computers have come a LONG way (similar to most other manufacturers) but the great thing about Dell is that they almost always produce a great solid machine. I personally want to rip my hair out at times trying to get drivers from their website. I’ve seen a lot of their variations on their website through the years and it seems to be easier these days.  Hopefully they leave it that way.

These days, my computer is an 8 way Intel i7-3770 3.4 GHz Dell XPS beast sporting 16 GB of RAM running Windows 7 64bit.  Other than general computer things that happen with all computers, this Dell is a beast.   I know that I’m not the only one that loves a Dell computer. There are a LOT of them out there and we’re ready to fix any of them.

Raleigh Dell Repair

When you need your Dell PC repaired anywhere in the Raleigh NC Triangle area, call Lizardwebs.  We’ve been working with Dells now for 16+ years.  Be it your Dell Latitude, Inspiron, Alienware or some other model, we’ve got your laptop repairs covered.  When it comes to your desktop Dell – XPS, Inspiron, Precision workstation or even a Dell Server, we got you all set there too.  Seriously, we’ve repaired pretty much every type of Dell computer out there.

If you want to get fast, qualified computer repair in your home or business for any type of Dell equipment, call Lizardwebs computer repair services to get fast onsite pc repair for your Dell computer today!

Dell Computer Installation

Have you recently gotten a new Dell computer and need it installed?  Sometimes all you need to do is plug it in and go.  That is, if you don’t have any data you need transferred.  If you have an old computer that contains your life’s pictures, documents and data, we can easily take that data and move it over to your brand new computer in a way that will make sense to you.  Keep in mind that we can’t transfer your applications directly, we need to install them.  You will likely need your install disks. If you have downloaded some applications for a “web install”, we should be able to get them off your old download folders if you saved them or possibly even download new updated applications directly from the software publisher’s website.  Once the applications are installed, then we can move your data files over.

Often one of the common issues is installing your wireless printers, getting into the wifi network or similar issues.  We can help you with all of those types of issues. Installing your wireless, getting you connected to your home networks, setting up Windows “home groups”, setting up filesharing or music sharing on your machines.  Just let us know what your ideal setup and result would be and we’ll do everything possible to make it happen.

Dell PC Problems

Many times people just need general help with their PC – spyware, virus problems, slow running machines and more.  We can help you with all of your computer problems.  These kinds of things are a general computer issue that all people face from time to time regardless of their computer manufacturer or anything else. But if you have a Dell, we know we can help – and at a great price.

* If you have a Dell computer under warranty – you will need to contact Dell directly first – start here at the Dell Support website!