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I have probably tried most every software under the sun when it comes to cd/dvd burning programs… And I’ve found about every one of them tries to be all it can be. Sadly, I just need a burning program. Don’t really ever need a burning program that is going to manage my music collection, my video collection, my backup needs, my movie viewers, etc, ad nauseum – and, oh yeah, burning CDs… I really just want a burning program. Those programs by Nero and Roxio – want to be all they can be. So I have now given up on using them and uninstall them whenever possible.

Nero Burning ROM 2014Nero Burning ROM 2014

Nero Burning ROM 2014 is the gold-standard disc burning engine. Burn high quality discs; copy CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs; rip audio CDs and convert music files; or burn DVD-Video, BDMV, and AVCHD compilations.

I now use a free little app called InfraExpress for most things. Although, I have now discovered that Windows 7 does have it’s own little ISO burning app! Still, InfraRecorder is a pretty handy little piece of software and handles a lot of other things when it comes to gathering files for burning and such.

But I found myself with some .gi files created by Roxio I believe when I did do a disk image of a Windows 7 disk a while back. No longer having anything other than InfraExpress, what is a boy to do? Surely NOT going to reinstall Roxio JUST to combine these files again. Well, after a bit of fishing around Google, here is the answer. Convert GI files to ISO.

 copy sourceFile0.gi /b + courceFile1.gi /b targetFile.iso 

Just leave off the smallest .GI file created (it probably tells the original app how to reconstruct the image and we’re doing that ourselves) and append each .GI file consecutively up with the /b switch into the final target file. Turns out that the GI format is actually pretty much an ISO, just chopped up. So all we need to do is combine the parts back into a whole ISO. Easy – and no software required! (Other than a command window of course)