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New computer considerations

Normal User Environment

  • Types of applications regularly used
  • Number of applications used – particularly if you tend to use many at the same time
  • Do you do audio, image or video processing?
  • Video gaming
  • Will this computer be part of a home or business network with other computers?
  • Physical environment – do you need a compact computer to fit in a certain space?
  • Multiple users and types of users – kids?
  • Will the unit be used for business and/or business critical data?

Computer Hardware Options

  • Processor speed
  • RAM memory
  • Hard disk size/capacity
  • CD/DVD readers and/or burners
  • Graphics capabilities – do you need powerful graphics capabilities?
  • Networking capabilities – does a desktop need wireless?
  • Backup storage required
  • Audio configuration – do you want the surround experience?

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Prepping for a new computer

Software and data

  • Will data from an old machine need to be transferred?
  • Do you have the software install disks to install any existing software on the new machine?
  • Make sure you have planned for the worst by backing up existing data if transferring to a new computer.
  • Think about printing out passwords and configurations that you may need during setup – internet passwords, network configuration data, email setup information, etc. While a lot of data IS transferred using standard transfer methods, no one is ever upset because they were OVER prepared.

Reusing old computer parts/components

  • Will all old components (monitors and other peripherals) work with the new machine?
  • Do you still use any floppy disks? Most new computers do NOT have floppy drives
  • PS/2 mouse and keyboards (round connectors – usually green and purple) – many new computers are USB only units
  • DVI / VGA connections – will you need any video adapters?