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Lizardwebs - Steppin' up for your computer needs whatever they are!

Lizardwebs – Steppin’ up for your computer needs whatever they are!

Lizardwebs is currently located in the Raleigh, NC area. Lizardwebs is open from 8:30 am until 5 pm’ish Monday through Friday. Like any small business, we’re usually available after hours or whenever clients need us – if you need to call us OUT of those standard hours, ring us at 919.404.9327 and we will make arrangements.

Eric has been working with computers in various capacities since the early 80’s. Back in those days, computers were far different than they are now. The universities taught COBOL and FORTRAN and other (now) near dead computer programming languages. These systems in that period were primarily mainframe type systems.

While the PC did make an appearance in the early 80’s, it was to be several years before PCs started to become common. And about that time, Eric started working more and more with the PC platform. In the early 90’s while running another company, the computer bug hit big and he started devoting more and more time to working with his own systems. This lead to fixing other’s computers and gaining more and more experience. His first corporate computer stint was in 1996 as a help desk “engineer” at the now defunct InternetMCI in the heady, opening days of the internet – and it progressed from there.

Lizardwebs - Eric Erickson

Lizardwebs – Eric Erickson

In the early days, it was easier to be on top of all things computer. As the years have passed, the computer industry has splintered into a number of different directions. This has spawned a lot of niche specialists that just don’t normally have the background to integrate different facets into usable solutions for customers. With a broad background in many facets of the computer industry: solid web design and programming, database administration, systems administration, end user support, systems analysis and many other areas, Eric is able to pull this knowledge to bear into usable and cost-effective solutions for Lizardwebs’ customers.

Eric has been serving computer service / web customers since 1995, but Lizardwebs Computer Services became a full-time endeavor in the beginning of 2009. Prior to 2009, Lizardwebs supported varied clients on an as needed basis. This included general office systems maintenance including computer setups, server setups, network setups, web design and maintenance and many other areas of computer support. Some clients have been with Eric since 1997. Unfortunately, working other positions during the day forced any and all support in those days to be “after 5”. This doesn’t usually work out as well as it could for clients when they’re completely down or have an urgent need for service.

Beginning in 2009, Eric brought his experience and business knowledge to bear on creating a solid, responsive and customer focused company providing full-time support and computer service for clients in the Wake and Johnston county areas with a special focus on Eastern Wake county including Knightdale, Wendell, Zebulon, Garner and Raleigh and the Johnston County areas including Clayton, Garner, 4042 and Cleveland School, Smithfield and other close areas. Lizardwebs will go wherever they are needed, but these are our service coverage focus areas. Of course, with websites, we can service customers throughout the US and have numerous out of state clients.

Eric’s current love is WordPress.  Offering much quicker development times, and associated lower customer cost, WordPress is ideal for many local small business clients.  This type of website allows customers to modify their own websites and not have to rely on a webmaster for everything.  If you’re looking for a strong functional website, contact Lizardwebs for a quote!

Since 2015, Lizardwebs’ focus has entirely been Web and SEO work. By tying our own knowledge of small business – and all the hurdles that a local small business faces – into one nice little package, Lizardwebs has been able to provide super opportunities for local “small town” customers go get BIG TOWN rankings and service.

Call us today to find out why our customers stick with us after all these years!